Friday, April 28, 2017

This is an interview of Bob Jackson, and it is very telling. At the beginning, he says:  "Police said they were going to bring him down, and you've got about 5 minutes to get in position. So, I picked my spot..."

But wait. The jail transfer was scheduled for 10 AM. So, wasn't Bob Jackson there then and in position? Apparently not. Apparently, he and the other photographers and reporters didn't start filling the basement area until shortly before the televised Oswald shooting. 

Therefore they weren't there at 10:15 when the real Jack Ruby arrived and had his own little scuffle with police. 

What an incredibly dumb man Robert Jackson is if he hasn't figured out yet that he was had; that he was played like a friggin' instrument. And that photo of his was turned into a monstrosity. It is altered; it is falsified; it is grotesque. Hey Robert. Why don't you look at it closely? See if you can explain all the weird stuff in it. Look at the gigantic thumb of Oswald and then compare it to other images of him. It's not his thumb. The whole "hand in the pants" thing is a fraud, and you know very well that Leavelle wasn't manhandling Oswald like that. The handcuffs were just thin metal handcuffs; the standard police handcuffs; so why do they look so thick and porcelain in your photo? What about that ridiculous arm of the detective who is reaching for the shooter but continuing to suck on a cigar like he was Groucho Marx?

It is ridiculous, Robert! The "story" of your photo is ridiculous. Oswald wasn't even shot from that position. He was shot in the side from the side. "Ruby" was not in front of him. He came at him from the side. And Leavelle wasn't looking at Ruby; he was looking the other way. And look at those cops along the wall, still clasping their hands like they were Jehovah's Witnesses standing at the door. Wouldn't a gunshot going off in the confined space have startled them and disturbed that stance? Look at it: Lowery is still standing there clasping his hands AFTER the gun went off. I guess nothing bothered him.

Robert, it's all bull shit. You were witness to a ruse, and you were used and abused like a mule. Are you going to do something about it before you die or not?  

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