Monday, April 24, 2017

The shooting of Oswald in the garage may have been the first faked, staged, televised spectacle. The shooting of Kennedy wasn't faked. It was lied about. They said Oswald did it, which he certainly didn't. But, Kennedy really was shot in the street there on Elm Street, and that is not in doubt. But, I don't know of any staged, faked, fabricated spectacles made for television prior to the one on November 23, 1963 which involved Oswald being shot. 

How far in advance was it planned? Not very. I assume that they really expected Oswald to be shot and killed in the theater. And, he almost was. They had multiple guns trained on him. Just a little more twitch in somebody's trigger finger, and he would have been a goner. And, I think it really belies the whole claim that Oswald drew his gun. How could he? He reportedly threw a punch at Officer Nick McDonald when he started messing with him in the groin area.  Although, apparently, Oswald didn't mind it when Detective Jim Leavelle stuck his hand in his pants and was walking along with him that way- if you believe that load of crap. 

But, no one ever suggested that Oswald had a gun in his hand when he struck Nick McDonald. And after that, McDonald hit him back and pushed him down into the theater seat. But, according to McDonald, Oswald, somehow, in the midst of that scuffle, got his hand on his gun, got his finger in the trigger, and aimed it at McDonald and pulled the trigger, but McDonald jammed the web of his hand between the hammer and the firing pin. But, what do you think about the credibility of that? And by the way, that was not his original story. His original story was that Oswald got the shot off but the gun, miraculously, misfired. But, when an FBI firearms expert determined that the gun did NOT misfire, McDonald had to change his story.

But, getting back to the spectacle in the garage, there is NO image of Jack Ruby there. There are images purported to be of Jack Ruby, but they aren't him. Not only that, but the bogus images of Jack Ruby in the garage don't even match each other. For instance, take a look at this one.

Let's just consider the one issue of height. That is supposed to be Jack Ruby on the right, and notice that he's not short. He's as tall as reporter Tom Pettit, who wasn't short, and he's about as tall or taller than the others. He certainly does not appear to be some short guy. But, look at him a few seconds later:

Can you, or can you not see that the second man is shorter than the first man? A lot shorter. The first man was as tall as Tom Pettit, who was taller than Oswald. But, this second man (directly above) was shorter than Oswald. So, they were definitely different men; they had to be; even though they are both supposed to be Jack Ruby. In reality, neither was Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was NOT in the garage at the time of the televised spectacle. He had already been whisked away. And, I can tell you where Jack Ruby was during the televised spectacle: he was already up on the 5th floor being processed. 

But, why was Ruby taken up to the 5th floor right away? Oswald wasn't taken up to the 5th floor right away at the time of his arrest. He was taken to the 3rd floor. So, why wasn't Ruby taken to the 3rd floor? It was because he would have been seen there. What they needed was to get the real Ruby out of the way; out of sight. Then they conducted their spectacle in the garage, with James Bookhout playing the role of Jack Ruby. Then afterwards, they brought Ruby back down and paraded him around just to weave him into the story.

This was the first sighting of the real Jack Ruby after the spectacle. It could not possibly be when he was first brought into the jail office. And that's because according to three detectives, Ruby was pushed down to the ground in the jail office and handcuffed- with his jacket on. Why he wasn't pushed down to the ground in the garage and handcuffed there, they never explained, and no one asked them. Some of them are still alive, so I am asking them now: WHY DIDN'T YOU PUSH RUBY DOWN TO THE GROUND IN THE GARAGE AND HANDCUFF HIM THERE? But, if we take them at their word that they did that in the jail office, then how could Ruby be handcuffed in just a shirt a moment later? Once you are handcuffed wearing a jacket, you can't take the jacket off until the cuffs are removed. So, are we to believe that they handcuffed him in his jacket, and then removed the handcuffs, and then removed his jacket, and then handcuffed him again in just a shirt, all in the space of 1 to 2 minutes?  No, that didn't happen. They just didn't think. They just didn't think about the fact that Ruby needed to be in his jacket in order to fit into this scene and make it credible. It is not credible. 

The first phony, bogus, contrived, staged conjuring of a news event was the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas PD. Before there were ridiculous, phony beheadings, there was this. And, it is just as ridiculous as the ridiculous, phony beheadings. 

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