Thursday, June 30, 2016

It would be very interesting to sit down in front of CE 369 under a bright light and with a large magnifier. Just imagine removing the whole digital element, to go eye to object with nothing in-between.

But, the problem is that I would have no trust in anything they showed me. Look what they did about Oswald's shirt. On the left below is CE 150 from the Warren Commission, and notice that it looks nothing like Oswald's shirt. Since Oswald's shirt was seen always gaping open and with the margin folded over to some extent, sometimes a lot and sometimes a little, what is the point of showing the shirt that way since he never wore it that way? 

Oswald's shirt behaved the way it did because of its materials and how it was made. It was not an American shirt. It was undoubtedly one that he brought back with him from Russia. It had a soft collar and soft placket in the center that folded over easily, and that's why it did what it did.

How could a regular American shirt behave like that? It wouldn't. It couldn't. I've been wearing shirts for 65 years, and no shirt I've ever worn has done that. 

It behaved more like a jacket, and that's why Officer Marrion Baker described it as a "light brown jacket." Others also described it as a jacket. And why, if you were showing Oswald's shirt, would you cinch it up when he never wore it that way? 

Of course, the one on the right isn't cinched up, look how hard and stiff the collar is? Do you think THAT shirt could fold over into a lapel the way Oswald's shirt did? Of course not. No way. If you tried to fold it over, it would just pop right back. I guarantee it.  

The point is that they have been lying to us about Oswald's shirt. Why? I suspect it's because they don't want us to recognize it as the shirt that Doorman is wearing. 

In fact, I can't think of any other reason why they wouldn't show us Oswald's actual shirt. Otherwise, what difference did it make? It's not as though he used it to strangle Kennedy. 

But, if they won't show us Oswald's real shirt, which is CE 150, why think they would show us the real CE 369? I wouldn't put it past them to either alter it inconspicuously using high-tech methods that are undetectable or creating a whole new photograph and making it look as authentic as hell. And, I have no doubt that they could do a smashing job.  

So again, I couldn't trust anything they showed me today. But, it doesn't necessarily mean that I couldn't debunk something they showed me today. In fact, I have a very clever way that I think I could debunk it- that is, detect a fraud- and I'm not even going to tell you what it is. 

But, all of this is wishful thinking on my part because I don't think they would ever open up the vault to me- the one containing the Warren Commission exhibits. I suspect they would tell me that I can find digital images of the exhibits online, and that will have to suffice. Look at what happened to 9/11 researchers who tried to get a look at physical evidence in that case. Doors slam easily.

They'd be walking into a trap if they let me see CE 369, and they damn well know it.  Do you think they could get away with showing me a forgery ? My radar would be up before I even got into the room. It would be much easier and safer and better for them if they just told me that I couldn't see it, and that's what they would do, say if I asked. Maybe I'll put it to the test.  

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