Friday, October 14, 2016

Wait a God-damn second! We can see Leavelle boarding the back of the ambulance.

And then, when it gets to Parkland, the attendant opens the back, and guess who is still right there?

That's Leavelle in his cream-colored suit getting out. He was there in back the whole time. So, how do you account for this?

Mr. HUBERT. Any other corrections?
Dr. BIEBERDORF. On page 2, second paragraph, the third sentence which is the last sentence, "He stated the latter two," referring to the ambulance driver and his assistant, "--ambulance driver and his assistant were riding in the front seat, and the two detectives were in a seat immediately behind the front seat, and Detective Leavelle was sitting immediately to his left in the rear of the ambulance." The two detectives, and rather than "sitting in the seat immediately behind the front seat," they were behind---just inside the tailgate of the ambulance, about Oswald's feet, and Officer Leavelle and myself were sitting in the seat directly behind the front seat. 

Why did Dr. Fred Bieberdorf say that? The Bieb lied. The Bieb lied. The Bieb lied. 

What's the alternative? That they were playing musical chairs in the ambulance? And even if that was the case, why didn't the Bieb say so? 

And unfortunately, the Bieb has already gone to the Eternal Biebery:

But, at least the Bieb got his picture in the paper with his obit, unlike poor Bookhout. They couldn't show him, him having shot Lee Harvey Oswald and all: 

The shit never stops flowing in the JFK assassination. Neither does the blood. 

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