Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We don't actually see them bringing "Ruby" inside. We presume they did because they said they did, but I pointed out that the team of cops who were on top of "Ruby" got switched. 

 One team got replaced with the other.  In 4 seconds?

And then, at some point, they, presumably, drag him into the jail office. Right?

But then, there is this:

This guy goes to close the door. Now, who told him to do that? How did he know to do it? How did he know that everybody was was supposed to be in was in? 

So, that guy on the right got shut out. Poor guy. I wonder how he felt about that. But, how did the first guy know that it was time to shut the door?

Alright, so let's take a look at the situation as it was.

So, you see where Oswald was. There is an arrow touching him. And alongside him are Leavelle and Graves. And then in front of him is "Ruby". But, that isn't accurate because it says "Ruby Shoots From Here" and Ruby did not shoot from in front of Oswald. He came from the side and was very much to the side when he shot Oswald.

So, why do they keep wanting to represent it that "Ruby" shot Oswald from the front? It's because that's what the Jackson photo shows, and they want to be true to the Jackson photo. 

But, the Jackson photo is total fabrication. How could it go from the previous frame to this in .3 second? But, let's go back to the diagram of the garage.

So actually, "Ruby" leapt in front of Oswald AFTER he shot him from the side. I have added another small dot to show the angle from which "Ruby" came in. But now, let's look at the situation concerning the door. There were two doors: a single door on the right side of the cubbyhole in the corner, and a set of double doors along the back wall.

They came out the single door on the right to enter the garage, and presumably they wrestled "Ruby" in through that door as well. Except that there was a mob doing it, so wasn't it hard to get the mob through that small space? Why didn't they take him through the double doors? And how could so many men drag one guy through a space that small? Remember what the story is: that a mob of men were dragging a resisting, struggling man into the building. 

Let's look at another view:

Notice that the double doors don't really lead to the office. This is the door they used, for everything: 

So, that is the door that Oswald was brought out, and it is also the door that Oswald was brought back in by Leavelle and another detective. And it is also the door that "Ruby" was brought in because remember what the Bieb told us, that when he went into the jail office that Oswald and Ruby were essentially lying close to each other on the floor. The double doors actually went around the back of the office without accessing the area that both Oswald and Ruby were lying on the floor. Look at the diagram again.

So, let's see what we have here.

So, I have two lines there. The black line represents Leavelle and another cop picking Oswald up (so, that's three men, with one of them sprawled between the other two) and carrying him through that door. Then, the white line represents the path of the mob of cops who overwhelmed "Ruby" and dragged him through that very same door at the very same time. Everything converged at that small door. Meanwhile, you've got multiple cameramen shooting from different angles, both in front and behind (remember that the WFAA cameraman was behind) who, for some reason, didn't capture one bit of it. None of them did. All they capture is the pandemonium, the frenzy, the chaos, etc. Noise.   

But, let's go back to what the Bieb saw when he went through that door:

"He stated he then immediately saw RUBY lying face up in the jail office lobby approximately ten feet inside the jail lobby door."

10 feet inside the door? So, they dragged the struggling Ruby into that office and then had him lie down on the floor within 10 feet of the door? That's what the Bieb said. You don't argue with the Bieb.

Now, why would they do that? What was the point of it? And how did Ruby become so docile and cooperative so fast after putting up such a fight? It took a mob of men to control him in the garage, and then he became as gentle as a lamb?

There is nothing believable about any of this. It's all a crock. It's all a fabricated, woven tale, and look where it winds up:

 After all that, they pose for a picture? "Now, let's get a picture here. Turn this way. Look at the camera. Everyone ready? OK. Now, Cheese." 

The entire story of Oswald being shot in the garage by Jack Ruby is a pile of horse shit. Complete, total, utter horse shit. 

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