Monday, October 10, 2016

I captured this frame of fat-faced Jimmy Bookhout. He was fat-faced, alright- just like the Garage Shooter.

But, I am wondering is why we don't see his right ear. The ear is below the hat and behind the cheek. Is this yet another altered frame?

Why didn't they just destroy this clip? As far as I know at this time, it's the only source we have of images of James Bookhout from the time of the assassination. If they had destroyed it, there wouldn't be any. Imagine how sweet it would have been- for them. 

Look what happens when I add light to it.

Look at that. It looks like somebody brushed over it with a covering agent. It looks almost like a scribble. And don't be blaming Youtube because it doesn't occur on any other figures in the video.

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