Monday, October 10, 2016

The plotters failed miserably to keep Bookhout's distinctive ear out of view.

The top of his ear flared out, and it's quite unusual because the bottom of his ear did not, and that is what is unusual. Jack Ruby's ear certainly didn't do that. His ears were flush with his head from top to bottom. 

Different ears, folks.

Is there anyone alive and with sight who can't tell that those are different ears?

What about Bookhout? They put a wad of fake hair over his ear so that we couldn't see it.

No, he didn't actually have hair covering up the top half of his ear. And, he wasn't getting a head-start on the burgeoning Beatles mania. They put that phony hair there just so that we can't see his ear.

And, in the frame below, they put a weird Q-tip-like obscurity over the back of his ear.  

So yes, they knew very well who he was: James Bookhout. And then, just for peace of mind, they made those alterations, as unlikely as it was that somebody like me would come along. But, I did. I'm here. And I caught them red-handed.

Ruby didn't shoot Oswald. Do you understand that that is absolutely certain now? The one who shot that blank was James Bookhout. 

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