Monday, October 17, 2016

I tell you, Joseph Backes is just plain stupid.

I point out that his new hero, James Bookhout, said he heard Oswald say he rode the bus and cab, my point being that he, Backes, is in conflict with him, Bookhout, about this. But, Backass turns it back to me and just skates over the fact that he and Bookhout are adversaries on this. Then, there is that other little matter of whether Oswald was guilty of shooting and killing Kennedy and Tippit, and shooting at Walker, which Bookhout undoubtedly believed and supported until his last breath.   Nevertheless, Backes honors the guy. 

Then, and this is incredible, Backes falsely says that I identified the Garage Shooter as four different people: 

So, let's see, Dorothy's "garage shooter" has been positively ( and incorrectly) identified four times as:

1.) FBI agent James Bookhout
2.) DPD Det. Charles D'Hority
3.) DPD Sergeant Gerald Hill
4.) FBI agent Nathan Allen Pinkston

No, Backes. I always and only claimed and identified the Garage Shooter to be one person: James Bookhout. No one else. It's just that I mistook some images of two other men for him. Regarding Pinkston, YOU are the one who is wrong. This is James Bookhout going into Fritz' office for the Saturday 6:30 PM interrogation:

So, for about 48 hours, I mistakenly thought that images of Charles Dhority was Bookhout, and all because of friends of Backes.

And they have yet to correct it:

Yes, I should have realized that your shit-faced friends can't be trusted or counted on for anything, and don't worry: I won't make that mistake again. But, at least I quickly corrected it and vanished if from my site, unlike your shit-faced friends who still have it up. And unlike you because you leave your mistakes up forever too.

According to Backes, that guy was twice as old as Oswald; he was old enough to be Oswald's father. Yeah, I can see that.

And my mistake concerning Hill lasted less than 24 hours and was thoroughly removed. 

But again, we're only talking about mistaking certain images. I never said that Gerald Hill was the garage shooter. The Garage Shooter was and is James Bookhout. 

And if you read Bookhout's testimony, the detail of it, you realize that if he had attended the Midnight Press Conference, it surely would have been covered in his testimony, and Bookhout would have given his take on it. 

Instead, he said specifically that after the 4:00 lineup, he didn't "see" Oswald again until the next day. So, what, did he keep his eyes closed at the Midnight Press Conference?

Then the other term was whether he had any contact with Oswald that day after the lineup, and Bookhout said no, not until the next morning. Look at this image again and see if you think the guy who Backes is erroneously calling Bookhout is having contact with Oswald.

Yes, I would call that being in contact.

Anyway, what it comes down to is that Backes believes that Bookhout lied, bold-faced, about Oswald saying he rode the bus and cab, but Backes doesn't care. Backes forgives Bookhout. And he knows that Bookhout claimed that Oswald killed Kennedy and Tippit, but again, Backes doesn't care. Why? Because Backes is not a real defender of Oswald. And that's why he's so friendly with so many Oswald accusers. 

Does the buffoon actually think he's winning? It's possible because he is that incredibly stupid.   

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