Monday, October 17, 2016

The Idiot Backes doesn't even know which person to circle in his own lie. I told you he is helpless, and he needs help to tell his own lies. 

That guy is most certainly not James Bookhout. I already pointed out the huge disparity of his web-shaped ear. It's a deal-breaker. 

Those are obviously different ears, but Backes keeps ignoring it, only showing that there are lies, damn lies, and Backesonian lies. 

That man was very tall, but I found evidence that Bookhout was short. Hosty related that in order to spot him in the hallway, Bookhout had to stand on a pedestal.

Now, do you think this guy had to stand on a pedestal?

OK, so we know from Hosty that Bookhout was short. And, we know from Bookhout said that he attended the 6:30 interrogation where we can see this short guy turn into the interrogation room.

Mr. STERN - I would like to clear up one point, Mr. Bookhout, about the number of interviews on Saturday. Your present recollection is that there were how many in which you participated? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Two on Saturday. 
Mr. STERN - One at about what time and the other at what time? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - One was about 10:35 a.m., and the second one was about 6:30 p.m. 

But, if this tall guy was Bookhout, wouldn't we see him as part of the group turning into that office?

See if you can find him in this film:

This is just another case of the Wicked Backes just deciding something, like when he decided that the Loveladys provided photos of Lovelady to the HSCA. Total bull shit. There isn't a scrap of evidence for it. Backes just yanked it from out his ass. Yet, he just clings to it, and it's because he's a wicked, dastardly liar. 

In this case, there is anatomical evidence that this tall guy wasn't Bookhout; there is testimonial evidence, since Bookhout effectively denied going to the Midnight Press Conference, and there is a complete lack of any substantive basis to claim that he was Bookhout. That guy had to be with the Dallas PD because the Midnight Press Conference was a Dallas PD affair. It was their show. No one from the FBI  or the Secret Service was front and center at the Midnight Press Conference

Notice the photographer on the right. Notice Oswald looking at the tall man. That man is obviously part of the group who are bringing Oswald to the conference, and he, obviously, was about to say something or read something. The spotlight was on him. So, Backes is claiming that Bookhout was the MC of the Midnight Press Conference.

He is with and among Dallas detectives in their white stetson hats. If Bookhout had been there (and he wasn't) he would have been just an observer. He wouldn't have been front and center. He would not have been any kind of MC. There would have been no cameras on him. It is ridiculous to claim that that guy was Bookhout. It doesn't even make sense circumstantially.

Look at Oswald at the Midnight Press Conference. Look who he is surrounded by: Dallas policemen and Dallas detectives.

 That tall guy was with Dallas law enforcement. There is no doubt about it. He was not a federal agent. Federal agents had no role in conducting the Midnight Press Conference. 

You are such a filthy liar, Backes. You're disgusting.  

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