Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Now, I have cemented it that the short guy in the Fedora hat was James Bookhout.

If you watch the video, and if you know how to think, you realize that they were filing into Fritz' office for the Saturday 6:30 PM interrogation of Oswald. So, this guy is presumably one of the participants at that interrogation.  That is a very reasonable assumption to make with such a high degree of probability that it warrants practical certainty.

So, it's just a matter of finding out who attended that session. And I did. And it wasn't easy. It's not in the Fritz Notes. It wasn't in Boohout's testimony, although he was asked at length about what was said at the interrogation. There is no doubt that he was there. But here is the complete list:

Fritz, his detectives Sims, Graves, Hall and Rose, plus Inspector Thomas Kelly from the Secret Service, and Bookhout. That's it.

Well, the little guy isn't Fritz, and he's not one of Fritz' detectives. They're the ones in the stetson hats. Sims, Graves, Hall, and Rose have all been identified, and none of them were that short, and none of them dressed like that. So, that leaves Kelly. Well, Kelly wasn't that short either.

So, the only one left who attended that meeting is the guy who needed a pedestal in order to see Hosty in the hallway: James Bookhout.

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