Friday, October 14, 2016


First I´d like to say that you and Larry are the only bright stars on the JFK heaven, with groundbreaking research - that have fired up both XXX and I..!

Secondly, this is (ID-ing Bookhout as Oswald's killer) very new, groundbreaking and big research - perhaps you should start taking safety measures and precautions? It is up there with the Z film being a fabrication (Costella 2001). 
But this is why both XXX and I love your work - we don't always agree, but like us you are open to new ideas, not afraid to take a different view, approach, which is the only way to move forward in this case. I had never picked up the idea about Ruby being perhaps a MK-ULTRA victim, that is very interesting and perhaps not far-fetched. Good work! And since Bookhout allegedly was involved with interrogating Oswald, he is certainly an interesting character. 
Well, I will continue follow your work
All the best

Dear YYY,

Thank you for your concern for my safety. I am being very careful. I live under siege 24/7. I keep the house and the gates locked at all times. I sleep with a loaded gun next to my pillow- and I'm a light sleeper. I'm also a very good shot, having frequented the firing range with my father, who had do mandatory hours as a policeman. 

I have been invaded before.  They have already been here. I know that. And fortunately, I have the record of several reports to the Hays County Sheriff Department of violations. And fortunately, a Hays County Deputy lives just a few doors down from me, and he has told me that he is going to keep his eyes peeled and that I can call on him any time. 

We are now as certain that James Bookhout was the Garage Shooter as we are that Lee Harvey Oswald was the Man in the Doorway, and about that, we are 100% certain.

Thanks again for your concern.


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