Friday, October 14, 2016

So, here is Dhority behind Leavelle, and he obviously crawled out the back right behind Leavelle.

So, they were both back there the whole time the same way they started. We saw them both climb in, and they obviously stayed put and got out the same way. So, the Bieb lied; the Bieb lied; the Bieb lied. 

Why WHY WHY did the Bieb lie? Did they coach him? Did they intimidate him? Did they threaten him? 

You realize what this means, don't you? It means that we have to reconsider and reevaluate every word that the Bieb said. Such as this, for instance:

Mr. HUBERT. All right, any other corrections?
Dr. BIEBERDORF. Oh; I skipped one or two. Excuse me. Back on page 1, the second paragraph on page 1, the sentence that begins near the bottom of the page, that begins: "He stated this took him several minutes due to the confusion and by the time he reached the general vicinity of the location--". This "several minutes," I don't believe is accurate. I don't recall whether I said 'several minutes' at the time. I later--well, I think it was a matter of, say, "something like 1 to 2 minutes, rather than several minutes" and again, in the same paragraph, next to last sentence on the page that begins, "He stated he searched the immediate area for several minutes before proceeding."
I think this, again, is way too long and had better read, "a few seconds," than several minutes. 

Originally, the Bieb said that several minutes passed after the shooting before he went into the jail office and saw Oswald lying on the ground, his puncture wound exposed. I can see why it would be advantageous to do away with those few minutes and get the Bieb in there sooner. Because: if they killed Oswald during those few minutes, then obviously, they would want to cover that up. So, if you say that the Bieb got in there within seconds and saw Oswald in the condition that supposedly occurred in the garage, then the Bieb serves as an alibi for the police. 

But think about it: we know darn well that they didn't let anyone into the jail office right away. They had it closed. They had it guarded. And several minutes passed before anyone was let in. And, it was enough time for them to do what they had to do to Oswald to turn the garage theater into reality. 

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