Sunday, November 27, 2016

Backes. Idiot. Moron. Nincompoop. 

Now, he thinks James Angleton wrote Farewell America. Let's see: the CIA framed Oswald, yet their head of Counterintelligence wrote an expose' explaining that the official story is all a lie, a scam, that Oswald was just a patsy, as he said, and that really the powers-that-be in government, banking, the military, etc. did it.

Hey, Backes. I think I've got something for you. James Angleton must have thought up the phony bus and cab rides. Sure, that's the ticket. Somebody had to do it, and it was probably him. You stupid moron.

Then, the idiot posted this image of FBI records and presumes that they are the same thing as a telegram.

Then, Backes is back to saying that Bookhout was Nat Pinkston. That is really stupid because Oswald didn't know Nat Pinkston at all. So, why would he go up to him in the hall and start talking to him?  It was Saturday evening just before the 6:30 interrogation. We have the list of people who attended it. Pinkston isn't one of them. Bookhout is. 

Then, the imbecile posts this image, claiming that it's another view of the same scene with the same man. It's not. Why can't Backes see that this other man below in a Fedora hat was taller? Look how his hat towers over Oswald's head. 

I'm sure Backes can't see the arrangement differences between the Beers and Jackson photos either. Why? Because he is, and always will be, an idiot.

So, in Jackson, there is a guy sucking on a cigar with his black-robed arm stretching across in front of Tom Petit, while in Beers, it was a guy in a white trench coat in that spot, but Backes doesn't care. What he cares about, moron that he is, are the phony bus and cab rides. The phony bus and cab rides; the phony bus and cab rides. 

Then finally, he put up this image, claiming once again that it's the same man, presumably Pinkston.

Well, I know very well that isn't Bookhout. How do I know? Because if he was Bookhout, they would have zeroed out his face, just like they did here:

Now, if Backes were a smarter man, that is, if he had an ounce of smarts at all, he would realize that this isn't the result of any resolution problem because we can see Oswald's features just fine. Any techno-problem would affect the WHOLE fucking image, you dolt. That was a deliberate obfuscation because that guy was Bookhout, and they didn't want us to see him. People who fake bus and cab rides do that, you see. It goes with the territory. 

Backes, you're stupid. You were born stupid. You stumble stupid. You stagger stupid. And you spittle stupid. That's all you do, and you do it stupidly. 

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