Sunday, November 20, 2016

I have mentioned before that you don't see the Jackson photo in any of the films.

And before anyone says that it's because no one else was in Bob Jackson's location, I'll point out that we should still see it from another angle; we should see Oswald slapping his left arm to his chest, bending his right knee, Leavelle leaning back and to his right, and Ruby pointing the gun at Oswald from that position. We don't see any of it. It doesn't happen in the films. 

However, there is one film in which they inserted a still image into the film, where it stops on something that kinda/sorta looks like it. It is an image that is Jackson-like. It's quite similar. Here's the link. Start watching at 40 seconds.

And here's the still image:

So, that's the Jackson-like image. But, note that it isn't exactly the same. For instance, in the Jackson photo, Oswald's humongous thumb crosses over the index finger. 

In the Jackson lookalike, the thumb and the index finger are parallel.

So, what do you think happened? You figure that Oswald just changed what he was doing? That he did both? You believe that, do you? That he was shot through the aorta and vena cava and went from having his thumb over his index finger to having them parallel? You help yourself to that conclusion, do you? You're willing to swallow that in order to legitimize this load of crap, are you? Well, be that as it may, you've got another problem: his thumb in the Jackson lookalike image is too long. You see, the thumb starts farther back, and it has only two digits instead of three. The result is that it doesn't reach that far up the index finger. Then, the other problem is that, the thumb and index fingers aren't parallel. You see, humans have opposable thumbs. It's one of the things that separate us from the apes. You can read about our opposable thumbs here:  

But, the point is, what they are showing on Oswald, is not a human hand. It is not anatomically possible. Here is mine:

So, you see how that the thumb goes off in a different direction, and it doesn't get anywhere near the end of the index finger. So, that means that this is complete, utter bull shit:

And likewise, this is complete utter bull shit:

Both are laughing stocks to anyone with knowledge of human anatomy. It's not in question. It is not in doubt. It is not even debatable. There is no chance that I'm wrong.

But, my enemies don't care, and that's because they're bloodied. They'll scramble to try to come up with some sorry excuse for this, but they'll just be spewing more bull shit. 

It is an evil world this world of JFK, populated with evil people. 

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