Thursday, November 10, 2016

I shall comment on the election. I didn't think Trump was going to win. I expected it to be close, but I thought Hillary would squeak out a win. She actually did get more votes than he did. He won because of the electoral college. That's significant, but on the other hand, his support was much broader geographically. If you look at the US map, it's mostly a sea of red. She mainly won big cities. For instance, she won the state of Washington, but she only won in Seattle and the surrounding area. The rest of the state went to Trump.

Here's a big difference. With her having lost, I think she is going to go away with a lot of respect and sympathy and be treated like an elder stateswoman. If Trump follows through with his pledge to appoint a special prosecutor, it will be very divisive. There will be a torrent of outrage. I think his advisers will advise against it, although I admit it was an effective ploy during the campaign. Besides, if he's going to prosecute somebody, I'd prefer that he make it George W. Bush, who killed a lot more people than Hillary did. Vincent Bugliosi called for the prosecution of George W. Bush for murder and genocide. So, let Trump take his cue from that.

But, the difference I was talking about is that if Trump had lost, he would have been ruined. He certainly wouldn't have been treated like an elder statesman. It would have hurt him, and it would have hurt his brand a lot too. I think his business would have suffered. This was the most vicious and hate-driven campaign ever, and you can see already that the divisiveness and bitterness is NOT over. When will it be over? Maybe never. 

And I wonder if his business hasn't suffered anyway, in spite of the win. He said at the beginning of the campaign that his children would be running the Trump organization while he ran for President, but that didn't happen. They were on the campaign trail with him.  They were deeply immersed in the whole thing, day after day. I don't know who ran the Trump organization, but it wasn't them. Maybe they had a few phone calls every day, but they were not running it. And, the kind of people who supported him were not the kind who are likely to patronize his businesses: fancy hotels, expensive gold courses. You know that there are a lot of people now who are going to boycott his businesses out of resentment, and I don't know that he is going to make it up from his supporters. I have to think that this has cost him a lot in dollars and cents. 

I see on Facebook that a lot of people have great expectations for Trump, but I think they are being far-fetched. Is he going to pull us out of Afghanistan after 17 years? Probably not. Is he going to close Guantanamo? Probably not. Is he going to renew the Patriot Act? Probably. He seems to be leaning that way. Will there be less risk of more war with him as President than Hillary? I doubt it. Look how he talks about Iran. He is less bellicose towards Putin and Russia, so that is one good thing. 

I believe fully that he is not a tool of the special interests, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers or any other globalist cartel. But, if you listen to his actual views, he's pretty aggressive. He talks about wanting to get Germany and Japan and Korea to start paying us for defending them, which makes sense. But, he never suggests what Ron Paul does that we bring the troops home and shut down the Empire. One of the reasons why Russia recovered after the Soviet Union fell is that they dropped the financial burden of the Soviet Empire. No longer being a "superpower" was entirely good for them, and it would be entirely good for us.

This was a choice between two people; an either/or situation, and I have no doubt that Trump was the better choice. He's right about Obamacare. I have a cousin who is paying over $1000/month for coverage for him and his wife, and their deductible is over $9000/yr. It's supposed to be the Affordable Care Act. What a joke.    


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