Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Today is the 53rd anniversary of the JFK assassination, and it may be the most quiet one ever. I just checked the network and cable news websites, and there is no mention of it at all. Nothing. And I'm not surprised. I think the plan all along was that after the 50th, they would put the thing to bed and stop treating it as news. 

However, they are not getting their wish. JFK Truth is going to prevail. The Piper shall be paid. There will be a reckoning.

Remember who we are talking about: the media. That's the same media who fought so hard to derail Trump but failed. And they are going to fail at derailing JFK truth too, and also 9/11 truth.

And with that in mind, I am going to share the letter that OIC Chairman Larry Rivera just sent to OIC members. Things are looking up. Recognition of Oswald in the doorway has never been greater within the JFK community than it is right now.

To all our OIC members and interested parties:
From Larry Rivera, OIC Chairman 

This past Friday, November 18, 2016, I had the pleasure of addressing a gathering of JFK researchers, scholars, and general public who attended the 4th JFK Conference in Dallas, Texas, (www.jfkconference.com) during the weekend of November 18-20. The topic of my 64 slide presentation, of course, was the "Man in the Doorway" issue which has been raging for 53 years, ever since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Since the inception of the Oswald Innocence Campaign back in 2012, we have vehemently pointed out and insisted that the physical characteristics and attire seen on "Doorman" match Lee Harvey Oswald and not Billy Nolan Lovelady.
Last year, as you all know, I began work on Forensic Facial Recognition digital technology using a closeup of the doorway of the famed Altgens6 photograph. It was a closeup of the Altgens doorway by Robert Groden that was offered, by him and others, as "Absolute Proof" that it was Billy Lovelady and not Lee Oswald standing on the top landing of the stepped front entrance of the TSBD during the shooting. At that time, I disseminated a preliminary version of my paper, which detailed all materials and methods, and invited anyone who was interested in refuting the results to please come forth and engage us in a coherent and civilized discussion, pro-offering their own results, as established by scientific methods and protocol. To this day no one has done so.
Two months ago, this research came full circle, when I applied the same Facial Recognition techniques to the figure known as "Black Hole Man", (the man who is seen against the Southeast wall of the entrance, visoring his eyes with his hands), to frontal photographs of Billy Lovelady, and the results proved conclusively that that figure indeed is Billy Lovelady. And since Lovelady can't also be Doorman, it means that there is no one left but Oswald to be Doorman. It really is that final. 
I am delighted to announce that the presentation was a rousing success. Those present came away fully convinced that it truly is Oswald in the doorway. I must add, that photographic experts and other veteran JFK researchers with close to three decades of experience publishing and researching the assassination, were present, and they were in total agreement and acceptance of these new findings. Of course, the idea of Oswald in the doorway isn't new, but what is new is the conclusiveness, the certainty, the sureness of it. It can't be denied any longer or even debated.  And that is what makes this a watershed event in the pursuit of justice for Lee Harvey Oswald. We now have enough proof to demand the full exoneration of Lee, and more importantly, the revision and correction of history and the rewriting of the history books for schools at all levels of education.. Obviously, this will not happen overnight, however, it is our duty to propagate and disseminate these results which will eventually be brought to the attention of historians who will set the record straight. I am confident that we will see that happen in our lifetime. This is also complete vindication for those first generation researchers and investigators who preceded us, including Harold Weisberg, Jim Garrison, the recently deceased Mark Lane, Ray Marcus, Penn Jones Jr., Shirley Martin, Harrison Livingstone, and our own Vincent Salandria and Roy Schaeffer, who never wavered in their identification of Lee Oswald in the doorway of the Algens6 photograph.
As Chairman, I thank all the members for belonging to the the Oswald Innocence Campaign. I hope you realize that the OIC is now part of the history of the JFK assassination. We are leading the way to JFK truth for all.  And, we are not going to stop, or let up, until the official story- the official lie- is completely destroyed. 
With much gratitude for your participation, 

Larry Rivera 



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