Saturday, November 26, 2016

This was just sent to me by a supporter, and it may be the very best view we have of the Oswald shooting.

Now, we know that the bullet went straight across Oswald's upper abdomen, through the ribcage, from left to right. But, you can plainly see that the Ruby impostor's trajectory was on a diagonal. 

Graves is alongside Oswald. "Ruby" is in front of him and to the side, in other words, at a diagonal. The doctors said that the bullet went straight across his abdomen from left to right, settling under the skin on the right ribcage. But, Ruby's bullet would have taken a distinctly diagonal course. 

However, the person who sent this film to me wanted me to notice that there was definitely no microphone hanging from the ceiling as we see in the Beers photo.

Greetings Mr. Cinque.

I recently watched episode no. 124 and think I heard you state that there may have been different takes of the shooting.

I may have mentioned this topic to you in an earlier e-mail but here it is again.

Notice the upper right hand portion of this video and you see that there is no overhead microphone until the 32 second mark and than again at the 1:16 mark.

There is also no ceiling microphone in the Bob Jackson photo. I don’t see how this is possible unless there were several different takes of the shooting.

Perhaps you could explore this topic in another show.


PS Particularly in the Bob Jackson photo, the gunman appears to be much heavier than Jack Ruby. He is built like a cigarette machine, way in contrast to the way Ruby appears in those clothes the DPD put him in. 

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