Friday, November 18, 2016

I am finding multiple references to a statement by Dallas Police Lt. L.D. Montgomery, who said that James Bookhout told him that he expected Oswald to be shot during the jail transfer. 

That is eerie, considering that Bookhout was the one to shoot Oswald. 

Another interesting thing is that Montgomery attended the final interview of Oswald that Sunday morning. When asked during his WC testimony whether anything important came out of that interview, he said no, that Oswald said again that he didn't shoot anybody, but that was about it. 

But, what about Harry Holmes' claim that Oswald started singing like a canary about going to Mexico City? Wasn't that important? It's just a verification that Oswald said no such thing because he did no such thing. He did NOT go to Mexico City, And that Harry Holmes was just a bold-faced liar.

And, for some reason, the WC interrogator asked him if James Bookhout had attended that final interrogation. Montgomery hesitated, and then he balked. He said he wasn't sure if Bookhout was there or not. Bookhout was there; he just wasn't officially there. According to him, Bookhout, he watched it through the glass partition, that he arrived a little late, so he didn't want to go in, lest he disturb someone. How credible does that sound do you? Don't you think he would have just gone in? He was there. So, that was his first lie. His second lie was that, for no particular reason, when the interview ended, he remained in Fritz' office as the jail transfer commenced. Now, why would he do that? He followed Oswald everywhere. If Oswald had a lineup, he went. 

And especially when you consider that Montgomery said that Bookhout told him that he expected Oswald to be shot during the jail transfer, wasn't that further incentive for him to go watch it?

Bookhout's third lie was in saying that after he heard that Oswald had been shot, that he rushed down to the garage and was right there when Oswald was loaded into the station wagon. He said that he was standing right next to the stretcher when they put him aboard. Bull shit. We have plenty of images of that, and Bookhout wasn't there. 

The ONLY image we have of James Bookhout from the time of the assassination is this one, which isn't official, and they don't recognize it. But, this is him, and there is no one else it could be.


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