Tuesday, November 8, 2016

So, "Ruby", after shooting Oswald, was frantically pulling the trigger to put down Jim Leavelle, and only the super-human strength of LC Graves, who, with the strength in his fingers, kept the barrel from turning. I guess he was stronger than he looked. 

But, after that, when the police jumped him, Ruby started shouting, "Hey, this is me: Jack Ruby. You know me. What are you doing?" 

So, Jack Ruby didn't know that it was not OK to shoot at police? That police kinda frown on that kind of thing? That it really rubs them the wrong way? Jack Ruby didn't know that? Is that what you believe, do you? 

And does this look like a guy who just murdered a man in cold blood and then tried to do the same to a policeman? Hey! If you don't know it, this is the face of harmlessness. This is a guy who had a Jewish kippah on him. He was not shooting at anybody minutes before. He was innocent. He was framed. He was brainwashed to think he had done something terrible. And the depth of the evil involved, by the people who did it, is unspeakable.  

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