Thursday, November 17, 2016

Richard Miodownick The other officer that you mentioned, Ralph, talking to Pierce, was the Late Roy Vaughn ( interviewed by Larry Sneed in his book " No more silence " ).
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Bill Cole Roy Vaughn said Ruby did not walk down the ramp. He said he would go to his grave insisting that Ruby got into Police HQ a different way.
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Ralph Cinque Bill, what you said makes perfect sense to me. That's because there is no way Pierce and Vaughn didn't see Ruby. They let him in. They were in on it. All those DPD guys were. And Leavelle is still alive. He was in on it sure as shootin'. On the very day, he lied to a reporter, telling him that he shoved on "Ruby" with his right hand before the shot. He did no such thing. He didn't even begin to react to "Ruby" (who was really Bookhout) until AFTER the shot was fired.

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