Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why, if the Dallas Police were receiving numerous threatening phone calls against Oswald, would they make a media spectacle out of transferring him from one jail to another? Why wouldn't they just do it in the dead of night, and then announce the next morning that they had done it? And if anybody didn't like it, then anybody could go fuck himself, right? 

Poor Jack Ruby. Do you know that in his testimony, he actually said that when he yelled at Oswald, "You shot my President, you rat!" that he didn't use a "malicious" word, such as s.o.b. So, here's a guy who was concerned about whether or not he cursed, and yet, we are supposed to believe that he shot somebody.

It was a Sunday morning, and Ruby was Jewish, so he didn't have to go to Church. His Sabbath was Saturday. And I think he said that he did go to the synagogue on Saturday. And he didn't have a family, so there was no Sunday morning breakfast with the family or lounging around in bed with his wife that morning. So, it seems likely to me that if he was going to go to Western Union that morning, that he'd get there before 11:17. And I believe he did.

But, a plot like this could not have depended on just hoping that Jack Ruby showed up so that they could frame him. It's just like with Oswald. Framing Oswald wasn't just a matter of hoping he went to the lunch room so that he could be linked to the 6th floor. Somebody had to order him to go to the lunch room, and that person was probably Bill Shelley.

So, I don't know who it was, but Ruby had to have a handler. This handler was in close touch with him. This handler had to make sure he went to the jail transfer, if only by reminding him. It would be interesting to try to figure out who his handler was. 

Let's note that at one point in his testimony there is a reference to Lt. Pease. I presume that was a mistake of the stenographer. The correct name was Pierce, and Pierce is what Ruby said in his final interview. Sam Pierce.

Also, in R.L. Nelson's letter to Chief Curry, he references Lt. Sam Pierce at the end.

There a letter in the Dallas Times Herald by a "local father" entitled "My Dear Caroline" which Ruby said he read and which affected him. Another article stated that Mrs. Kennedy might have to return to Dallas for Oswald's trial. So, were these articles written for Jack Ruby? I wouldn't put anything past these people.

All of this has been widely reported. It's part of the mystique of the story. Here is how TIME magazine wrote it up in the issue with the deranged-looking Oswald on the cover:

"He later told the Commission that he had seen in the paper a “heartbreaking letter” to Caroline Kennedy and that “alongside that letter on the same sheet of paper was a small comment in the newspaper that, I don’t know how it was stated, that Mrs. Kennedy may have to come back for the trial of Lee Harvey Oswald.”

So, why aren't these things available for us to read? The letter was not written by a "local father."  It was written by a prominent evangelist of the time: Newman R. McLarry.

Ruby repeatedly said that suddenly he was "on the floor." The Garage Shooter we saw was never on the floor. He was quickly scooted out of the area and into the building- not pushed to the floor. 

Ruby got scraped on the forehead from being pushed face down to the floor. You can see the scrape on his forehead. Notice that Bookhout on the right doesn't have the scrape. 

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