Saturday, November 12, 2016

I tell you, I don't know about Trump now.  What he just did does not instill me with confidence. In this post-election interview with Leslie Stahl, he was awfully complementary of Hillary, and I found it chilling- in light of the things he said during the campaign, that she was evil, hateful, and criminal, that she belonged in jail, that he was going to appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after her. In fact, if I recall correctly, I think he said at one of the debates that the very first thing he is going to do after being sworn-in is appoint a Special Prosecutor. How many times did he describe their Clinton Foundation fundraising as a gangster shakedown? Pay to play? That her email scandal is bigger than Watergate? 

So, after all that, now he's praising Bill and Hillary, describing her specifically as "smart" "strong" "capable" with not a word about the other, as if it all evaporated when his Electoral College count reached 270?

I know it's great to be magnanimous, generous, forgiving, etc. But, it is more important when you are President of the United States that you not be a flip-flopper, and particularly not an instant flip-flopper. He could have been polite and civil towards them without coating it on as thick as he did. He should have just gone to neutral rather than full-bore praise.  I should think that even Clinton supporters are unnerved by it. After the things he said? How dare he? 

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