Thursday, November 24, 2016

Here is Oswald on the ground after falling, where he looks all stretched out. But how? He would have fallen into a crumple, and he would have remained crumpled.

He looks stretched out like a person sleeping in bed. But, how could he get that way? He had no blood. Remember? He was up on his toes. His tippy-toes. And then he lost the ghost. And he went straight down like the freight elevator at the TSBD. His  knees would have bent, and he would have crumpled over to the side or perhaps forward. But, he could not have wound up in that position, not without help. Here's Timothy McCarthy:

I'm just not buying it that Oswald suddenly lost all control and fell straight down, where his head was going straight down, which means that his knees were giving out, etc., and he wound up like this:

Nope. He could not possibly have wound up like that from falling. 

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