Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I asked the Wizard to bottom-line the mic/no mic issue for us, and he did. This is what he wrote:

Just to clarify: when I said ‘The object dangling from a wire in the middle of the ceiling is, I think, the same microphone as we see in the Beers photo hugging the wall’, I meant the same make of microphone (and possibly physically the same one at a different time), but there is no way the Beers wall microphone can be passed off as being the ceiling mic at a different angle, etc.
There is no innocent explanation for the Beers photo. That microphone is unequivocally absent in all other visual records. There is nothing in that area. The Beers photo (along with two others taken by Beers which show the offending mic and the wire from which it is suspended) has to have been taken on a different occasion. The only other explanation is that someone faked the photo(s) by inserting the microphone into the photos for some reason, but I can think of no logical reason to do this, unless they were fixated on justifying one particular (possibly fake) sound track. It would draw attention to photo-fakery for no real gain.
I was anticipating that somebody would try to say that the (central) ceiling mic was moving around, and this was why I examined the WFAA footage. That mic does not move.
So, the Beers photo and the films may represent at least two events.
I suspect that the overall event was rehearsed many times in the absence of Oswald and Ruby, because they did the ‘curtain of invisibility’ (hiding Bookhout) so very well, and he was spirited away in seconds. Wasn't it fast? On the other hand, the rehearsal showed itself in the sense that, even after ‘Ruby’ had gone, and they could stop pressing each other to block sight of him, they were still grabbing one another by the shoulder, arm, etc. for some time afterwards.
I mentioned the other curious ‘object’, in the corner of the ceiling (above and to the right of the wall mic location) because, again, I thought that this could be confused with a microphone, when it is just a trick of the light. However, it does look like an object in the NBC and KRLD films.
I have been trying to match the KRLD film with the Jackson photo and would suggest the frame below.

(RC: I do not assume that the Jackson photo was taken during the televised event because there is no film frame that matches the Jackson photo. And remember, it does not suffice to be kinda/sorta like it. It has to be exactly the same.)

I followed the movement of Fritz’s hands and, in particular, the fingers of the cigar-smoking cop. The figures seem to match well. However, I’m not so sure about the shadows. Fritz’s shadow in the Jackson is very close to the corner of the wall, whereas at that moment in the KRLD film that spot on the wall is occupied by the shadows of Leavelle, the plain clothes cop, the shooter, etc. I don’t see a very powerful camera flash at that point, and I’m not sure that Jackson’s flash bulb would completely overwhelm the other light sources. In addition, the shadows from Jackson’s camera seem a bit off-center. The light source seems to be a klieg light, above and to the left.
I’m wondering whether Bob Jackson was not closer to the KRLD camera than I previously thought. He blocks the camera’s view just after the shooting and is pulled down by Huffaker, and just before the shooting you can see Huffaker looking near the camera and whispering: ‘Bob!’ If this is correct, the angle of the photo is not right.
I’m still considering the Beers/Jackson comparison. At the moment,  the Beers suggests a different event, even if it is just by the amount of time taken to put up a microphone.


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