Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This is by me from an OIC exchange concerning Robert Groden.

The worst thing Groden did is sell out Oswald and JFK truth by being the HSCA's instrument to suppress Oswald in the doorway. He went to Colorado to take pictures of Lovelady in his plaid shirt. But, why didn't he take Lovelady to Dallas and photograph him in the doorway the way Altgens did. In other words, why didn't he try to reproduce the Man in the Doorway and compare it to the Altgens photo? No one stopped me from doing it in 2012, so I presume Groden could have done it in 1976. And I don't mean announcing it with any fanfare. I mean just showing up early on a Sunday morning when traffic and crowds are light and just doing it. Nobody would have stopped him.  In the end, he never used a single image of Oswald. And the image he posted of Oswald's shirt was the one from the Warren Commission which doesn't even look like Oswald's shirt. Groden is bad, I tell you. He's bad.  Ralph  

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