Monday, November 14, 2016

In four words, I can prove that Jack Ruby had no intention of killing Oswald and that NOBODY put him up to it, not the Mob, not the plotters, not anybody. Are you ready for the four words?


Jack Ruby brought his beloved dog with him that morning on his Western Union run, but if he planned to kill Oswald, he not only would not have brought it, he would have made arrangements in advance for its care. Because: he had to know that if he shot Oswald, he wasn't coming back. 

So, that means no way did Ruby have any intention of shooting Oswald- not for himself and not for anyone else. So, to those who still think that Jack Ruby shot Oswald, you are left with only one option: that he just did it spontaneously out of sudden impulse with no planning or forethought whatsoever. 

Well, that is problematic because you could also refer to it as a temptation, and people get temptations all the time: temptations to do things they know they shouldn't do. And when they do, what they usually do is at least try to hold themselves back. For instance, say it's a woman eating cake. She's tempted to eat another piece, and she knows she shouldn't. That's an impulse too, isn't it?  So, she reminds herself there is this wedding next month, and she has this dress to fit into, and she wants to look good for it. Her resistance may or may not work. She may or may not eat more cake.  But most people will at least try to talk themselves out of doing something that they know is bad for them or wrong. 

So, in this case, if Ruby got a sudden impulse to shoot Oswald, he would have thought, among other things, "I've got my dog in the car."  And, it would have been a very strong incentive because he really loved the dog. 

When it comes to cold-blooded murder, most people don't have the capacity to do it. They know at a very deep level that they don't have the right to take a human life.  They could kill in self-defense, or in defense of another, but not for any other reason.

And I'll add that just as nobody has ever come up with a plausible motive for Oswald to kill Kennedy, that there is no plausible motive for Ruby to kill Oswald. The one that's usually given, that he wanted to spare Jackie the agony of a trial, is bull shit. It's something that was thought-up afterwards, probably by his lawyers. But, now that we recognize the significance of Ruby taking his dog with him that morning, it means that that motive can't possibly apply. Because how in the split-second that he supposedly got the impulse to shoot Oswald did he even have time to think of such a thing? And, however much he cared for Jackie Kennedy, he cared about his dog much more. He didn't know Jackie Kennedy. He knew and loved his dog.  

So, the idea that Jack Ruby would have gotten the sudden impulse to kill Oswald out of love for Jackie Kennedy is absurd.  

It's often said that the Mob put Ruby up to killing Oswald, perhaps for some past debt or obligation. But, that's ridiculous; again: the dog. The same is true if you substitute the plotters, the police, the CIA, or anyone else.  Ruby's connections to the Mafia have NEVER been established, and it's unlikely he had any. Why would a Jewish guy be connected to the Italian Mafia? If anything, he would have been connected to the Jewish Mafia as per, say, Meyer Lansky.  But, that has never been contended. It has always been claimed that Ruby was connected to Sam Giancana out of Chicago. But, John Armstrong discovered that there is NO evidence for it; none. But, what John did discover is that Ruby had a long connection to the CIA in the 1950s with all the gun-running to Cuba. They were running guns to Cuba even before Castro. Did you know that? You really should read what John Armstrong found out.

So, Ruby was in Florida in the 50s, and he was heavily involved in that drugrunning, which was a CIA operation. John Armstrong found out that Ruby's Mafia ties were a lie and a smokescreen; his real ties were to the CIA. 

Now, here's what I realize: they, the CIA, knew that Ruby could be framed for killing Oswald, that his mind was such that they could instill in him the idea that he did it, that he was subject to believing it.  Ruby NEVER sounded lucid. He always sounded incoherent.  In his session with the Warren Commissioners, he sounded extremely incoherent, making nonsensical, unrelated, wacky responses to direct questions. I'm saying that his handlers made him that way, and I suspect it involved drugs.  They flew out Dr. Louis Joylan West from California to treat him., who at the time was the leading CIA mind control doctor. And not just once but several times. And, West did drug him. If Ruby needed a psychiatrist. I'm sure they had plenty in Dallas. Didn't they? Why did they have to fly in a shrink for him? You know they no more do that for inmates than they change the underwear of detainees at the Dallas City Jail.  So, Ruby's mind was shot, and they, the CIA, did that to him, and that's why they flew in their doctor. 

When you realize that because of his dog in the car that Ruby had no intention of shooting Oswald, you're left with the highly unlikely and improbable idea that he was overwhelmed by a sudden impulse to do it. But, it's bull shit: he had NO motive. There was nothing driving such an impulse. He didn't  know Jackie Kennedy. He'd never done anything like that before. He had no history. He was just a mentally incompetent man who was tricked into thinking he had done it. 

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