Monday, November 7, 2016

Now, let's examine this image of Jack Ruby, which reportedly is from 11/24. You notice that he does have the bruise on his forehead from the Charge in the Garage. 

That is definitely not the "uniform" shirt that they gave him. That is a much dressier shirt, and it is presumably the shirt that he was wearing. Still, it's baffling since scant minutes after the shooting, and I mean while Oswald was still lying on the floor of the Jail Office waiting for the ambulance, we saw Ruby like this:

 So, they removed his tie, but they buttoned up and straightened out his shirt? Is that what we are supposed to believe? But, his shirt looks mighty neat for having gone through that scuffle:

And what about his hair? Did they let him tidy up? So, Jack Ruby was allowed to comb and apply Brylcream to his hair shortly after the shooting? It looks pretty slicked down, don't you think?
And notice that here, his hands are cuffed in front. In the other picture, they were cuffed in back. Was that reversed?

Notice above that he's got an object in his shirt pocket. What is that? It's small. It's thin. It's square. But, it looks solid and substantial. So, what is it?

And look at this:

That's the New York Daily News, dated Monday, November 25, but the article is dated November 24. So, that is definitely November 24. And by the way, look who is hovering over Oswald.

That is FBI Agent Nat Pinkston, and let no one deny it. So, what was he doing there? And why do we see him and not FBI Agent James Bookhout. You know God-damn well why we don't see James Bookhout. That short pudgy man was the Garage Shooter. But, getting back to this photo:

 So, he was being led to his arraignment on November 24. I want you to look at his affect, at his countenance. Does he look like a guy who just shot someone in cold blood, and then, frantically tried to keep pulling the trigger to kill again, and would have if not for the super-human strength of LC Graves who with his bare hand squeezed the barrel of the revolver to keep it from turning and causing the gun to jam? You believe that shit, do you? You buy that hook, line, and sinker, do you? Does Ruby look like a man that it took twelve men to subdue him? Compare his facial expression to that of the cop and detective who were escorting him. They look more like someone who just shot somebody than he does. So, it must have been after that that they stuck him into the cabana outfit. Because: the shirt is similar but it is not exactly the same. It is NOT the same shirt.

Can you, or can you not, see that they are not the same shirt? And he doesn't have the object in his pocket in the other shirt.

 So, I am going to assume that they took him to the arraignment in his own shirt and then afterwards changed him into the cabana outfit. And then, they took his mug shots in the cabana outfit.

This is another image of him in his own shirt on 11/24.

And then, the next day, he had mugshots redone by the Sheriff's Office, and it's a different outfit yet. The ever-changing clothes of Jack Ruby.

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