Monday, November 14, 2016

The shooting of Oswald was a scripted hoax, and I can prove it. Watch this video starting at the 3 minute mark. "Ruby" jumps out and shoots Oswald, and you can hear the blast. But, after the blast, instead of reacting startled to the gunblast, the newscaster says,

"This is the basement floor of the Dallas City Hall, and that's a scuffle on the basement floor."

A scuffle? What about the shot?

Guns are loud. That snubnose Cobra 38 Special is known to be especially loud. If the newscaster was there and had no idea this was going to happen, he would have reacted to the shot. Something like, "Oh My God! There's been a shot!" Instead he's talking about where they are and that a scuffle is going on?

The scuffle was secondary. The shot was primary. How could he react to the scuffle without reacting to the shot? 

It was fake, people. You hear me? Fake. 

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