Tuesday, November 8, 2016

7:34 AM (1 hour ago)
On Monday, November 7, 2016 at 3:31:33 PM UTC-5, Ralph Cinque wrote:
> Bud, if you were a smarter man,
  I would have paid what you said no mind.

> or just smart to any extent, you would
> have known better than to post that. That's Darrington State Prison. It is
> a penitentiary; not a city jail.
  You don`t even know what you said, do you? Here, let me refresh your

  "Imagine if you visited a prison and all the convicts were dressed like
  I know you have more imagination than ten normal men but I thought I`d
do you a favor and save some of it for you.
> Yes, they do give prisoners uniforms at a
> penitentiary, but not at a city jail. And even there at the penitentiary,
> you'll notice that all the shoes on the inmates are different. So,
> apparently, they don't supply shoes- even at that penitentiary. But, we
> are supposed to believe that minutes after Jack Ruby fatally shot Oswald,
  It has only been minutes since Ruby shot Oswald. Lot and lots of
> that the Dallas Police Department decked him out in new everything,
> including shoes, socks, and even underwear.
  Boxers or briefs?
> Forget imagining. Why not think?
> Oh, and by the way, I'm making you and your photo famous.
  Gonna tell the folks at the asylum about me? 

Ralph Cinque:

Bud, some people need to have points shoved down. 

First, you posted images of inmates at a maximum security penitentiary; not a city jail. Ruby was at a city jail. And at the same city jail, Oswald was NOT given any uniform. I said: Oswald was given no uniform. He was NOT put in a uniform. No uniform for Oswald. Oswald: no uniform. No Oswald uniform. Oswald uniform not. Get it? 

Second, the only thing those outfits had in common was their being white. At the penitentiary, the inmates wore beltless white sweat pants, but Ruby had on white street pants and a pressed cabana shirt.

Three, it wasn't lots and lots of minutes, it was right away. This excerpt from the memoirs of Judge Joe Brown prove it, that Ruby was stripped to his underwear right away. However, it doesn't say anything about stripping him out of his underwear into other underwear.


Four, when you make a joke like "Boxers or briefs" you are mocking yourself and the official story which lists his underwear as items of property that were taken from him and placed into Bin N-15. That's Jack Ruby's underwear placed into Bin N-15 at the Dallas PD. His used underwear. His whole set of used, stinky underwear, placed in a bin, and I don't mean a hamper.  

And yes, I am going to tell the folks about you, but they're not the ones in the asylum. You need to watch Shutter Island.  

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