Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Here, the Wizard addresses the perplexing issue of mic/no mic at the Oswald shooting:


I spent some time on the microphone, etc. See collage and photos.

Oswald and his escorts walked from west to east down that hallway.

The object dangling from a wire in the middle of the ceiling is, I think, the same microphone as we see in the Beers photo hugging the wall. However, it is not in the Jackson photo at all, and this is (reportedly) a split half-second after the Beers. Even more tellingly, in the WFAA film, from behind Oswald, just before the shot, it is clearly dangling high up in the center - to the right (south) of the ceiling lamp (from behind Oswald) (and also, possibly, some distance in front of Oswald and the lamp - to the east), whereas in the Beers it is some distance away to the left (north) of the ceiling lamp (viewed from behind Oswald) and casting a shadow on the wall. 

After the shot and the reset, there is a still picture which looks upward and shows the mic miles from the lamp - to the east of it.

Another picture of Ruby shooting shows the lamp from below but with no mic.

The microphone was tied to a pipe in the ceiling, with no obvious means of movement either up and down or from left to right, etc. It could not have been on the ceiling in front of and above Oswald in the WFAA film a split second before the shot, and, simultaneously, several feet away on the wall, casting a shadow, in the Beers, also a split second before the shot. It could also not then have been pulled up within 0.6 seconds.

Most importantly of all, the microphone can be seen to stay there during the whole shooting sequence from behind via WFAA. See attached.

The other 'strange object' in some films is not the microphone. It is at the corner of a ceiling unit at the end of a pipe but in some pictures looks just like the corner of the pipe.


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