Sunday, November 27, 2016

We are told that "experts" have determined that there was .6 second between the Beers and Jackson photos, with the shot occurring between them. But, that is impossible because they are two different takes. The scenes are different. 

In Jackson, you've got the guy on the right sucking on a cigar. Try to find him in Beers.

In Beers, there is instead a different guy in a white trench coat. 

And there are many other subtle differences, such as Tom Petit being in a different location, such as the guy in profile in Beers being missing from Jackson. The guy on the left against the wall has his head turned more in Jackson than in Beers. And so on. And no, these differences are NOT just a matter of perspective. They are different scenes, that is, different takes. 

Hey, Robert Jackson. I hope you enjoyed your Pulitzer Prize money. You were part of a bloody scam, you fool. Different takes means the whole thing was fake. My thanks to OIC senior member Paul Stevens and the Wizard Who's With Us.  

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