Sunday, November 13, 2016

If they kept and distributed so many copies of the property invoices of their detainees, (4 copies of Ruby's were sent to Will Fritz alone) and covered them with stamps and signatures and notations and records of receipt, etc., it means they kept very meticulous records there at the Dallas P.D.

Therefore, I want to see the meticulous records about all the clothing they stocked for their detainees. They had to order it from suppliers, didn't they? They had to inventory it all, didn't they? They had to keep records of how many of which items they had on hand, didn't they? 

So, let's see the requisition forms for the purchase of underwear by the Dallas PD. Let's see the inventory of what items and sizes they stocked. 

And, if they kept such meticulous records of what items they took FROM detainees, didn't they also keep meticulous records of what items they gave TO detainees? Because: they wanted to get the stuff back, didn't they? It wasn't a gift, was it? Commit a crime and get a new outfit? Was that it? They weren't sending the detainees home or to other institutions wearing their clothes, were they? That is no way to run a police department. How could they possibly budget that, and on what grounds? So, every time they brought in a DUI, they snatched the guy's drawers? And what about female detainees? They must have gotten the same treatment, right? Women commit crimes. Women get arrested. So that means, they also kept a full stock of women's clothes and underclothes too, didn't they? I said: DIDN'T THEY???? You can't tell me that they felt it was necessary to get men out of their drawers and into their drawers, but they didn't do the same regarding women's panties.  Why should it be any different? I have not the slightest notion of why they would have to replace the men's drawers, but if they replaced the men's, then I presume they replaced the women's. That's because everything about the situation is exactly the same for both- except for the genital organs that happen to be inside the underwear. But, what difference does that make?    

So, where are the documents stating that the Dallas Police Department stocked all this clothing for its male and female detainees, including underwear? And for the women, did it include bras, or just slips and panties? And what kind of shoes did they get for the women? 

This is where it leads, Moron. I told you: the right way for you to handle this was to just shut the fuck up about it. But no, you had to push it. And why? Because you're stupid. You're as stupid as Joseph Backes. 

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