Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Ralph, agreed about Patrick Dean being suspicious. Pettit asks him if he 'knew (the shooter) other than as a police officer'. Dean stumbles a bit (perhaps thinking that Bookhout was technically a federal cop and that he therefore knew him as an FBI cop)  -  Pettit helpfully says: 'I mean you as a police officer knowing the suspect', saving the day. Dean says, relieved: 'Oh, me as a police officer? OK.' (Whoops! - Stick to the script: don't let him ad lib!)

Ralph Cinque:

W, I caught Patrick Dean's stumble. He seemed pretty nervous talking about it. Another guy who seemed nervous and painstakingly deliberate in his comments was LC Graves. However, a guy who seemed as slick as the Dapper Don was Jim Leavelle. He just spun his story like he really meant it. "You see, I had Oswald by the waistband, and I tried to jerk him behind me, and with my other hand, my right hand, I shoved on Ruby's shoulder, which would be his left shoulder." You tell it, Jim.  Ralph 

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