Monday, November 7, 2016

Someone put me into the Facebook group, Harvey and Lee. And I'm glad he or she did because I very much want to associate with other people who recognize the truth of John Armstrong's work. 

If you lived in a society that preached a flat Earth, and then you found out there was a group who believed the Earth was a sphere, wouldn't you want to join them? If only to escape from the insanity for a while? It's the same thing.

It's interesting that John Armstrong has NOT been attacked for espousing the Two Oswalds the way I have been attacked for espousing Oswald in the doorway. So, why not? Why have the Ops left him relatively alone? 

First, I'm glad they have because I wouldn't wish this abuse on him or anyone. But, in a way, Harvey and Lee is MORE radical than Oswald in the doorway. After all, if you believe that Oswald was NOT up on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy, and there are millions who believe he wasn't, then he had to be somewhere else. And the doorway is particularly plausible because why wouldn't he be outside watching the parade like most others? Why would he choose that particular time to eat his lunch when he had 45 minutes beforehand to eat his lunch? Who would do that? Nobody would. Or, why would he rather sit in a dank lunch room doing nothing rather than being out in the sun viewing the President of the United States and his dazzling wife? Once you recognize that Oswald was not on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy, the doorway is the most logical, the most plausible, the most rational place for him to be. And then, when you throw in the Altgens photo of him standing there in the doorway (his face, his build, his clothes, etc.)  and the Fritz Notes showing "out with Bill Shelley in front", it makes it a slam-dunk. 

But, for some reason, the Ops decided to fight that- tooth and nail, with all their nastiness and criminality- and leave John Armstrong and the Two Oswalds alone. Why didn't Joseph Backes start a hate page against John Armstrong? Why didn't Brian Pete start a page: Armstronging against Rational Thought?    

For one thing, I think they are afraid of John Armstrong. But for two, I think they realized- or were told by their masters- that they should lay off of him because there was more to lose than to gain by fighting him.

And note that the exact same thing happened over Oswald in the doorway at CBS. In 1967, for their 4 hour JFK Special, they had a whole segment devoted to the Oswald in the doorway controversy. It was completely produced and ready to go. It may still exist. It probably still does- in a safe inside a vault somewhere. But, at the last minute, somebody who was wiser pulled it. And, he must have told them, "What? Are you stupid? We can't gain from this. It's just going to make more people aware of the controversy. What you do about it is: nothing. You just shut the fuck up! Therefore, shut the fuck up!" Bright guy. And that, I think, is the attitude they have taken towards John Armstrong because of the voluminous mass of evidence that he found and accumulated, including dual school records, dual work records, dual residences, dual military records, etc. making it overwhelming that there were two young guys living their day-to-day lives as Lee Harvey Oswald. In a word: it's documented. John Armstrong documented the lives of Lee Oswald and Harvey Oswald. Not just an Oswald double but two Oswald identities; two individuals actually living their workaday and schooladay lives as Lee Harvey Oswald. 

But, in terms of importance, I think the two things are equal. You can't possibly understand the JFK assassination without knowing about Harvey and Lee. You are like a blind person stumbling in the dark. And likewise, if you don't recognize Oswald's presence in the doorway during the shooting, you are denying him an alibi- and no defendant ever got acquitted without one.

Harvey and Lee and Oswald in the doorway are the two most important truths there are about the JFK assassination, bar none. And number three is Bookhout in the Garage. It is a fact that Jack Ruby, like Harvey Oswald, was just a patsy. The same people who killed John F. Kennedy killed Lee Harvey Oswald. The same people who needed John F. Kennedy dead needed Lee Harvey Oswald dead. And those people didn't just get lucky. Jack Ruby didn't just come along and unwittingly do them a favor out of wanting to "spare Jackie a trial." That is bull. They framed Jack Ruby, just like they framed Lee Harvey Oswald.    

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