Wednesday, November 23, 2016

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera sent me these congratulatory letters to publish about his conference presentation. The letters included the names of the senders, but I am omitting them for security reasons (except for Jim Fetzer's). I don't want anyone else being targeted or put on a list. 

"The conference was indeed an amazing experience. I think the speakers and the attendees just felt like it was incredible. It could not have gone better. I want to tell you that the general consensus was that your presentation was amazing. Everyone I spoke to was very positive about both you as a person and about your material. I was never in the Lovelady camp, but I was in the unsure camp. Not anymore. You have me convinced."  

"Larry, I am extremely excited about the potential of all this new evidence that you have brought forth.  Let me know if I can help with any legwork out here in Los Angeles.  And it was great meeting you as well.....And, congratulations for your success in proving Oswald was in the doorway and Lovelady is indeed Black Hole Man!"

"Larry, I was so happy to see you at the conference!! Your presentation was amazing -- you will go down in JFK history for your dedication and work. I think it's time for a documentary about your research. A movie to the general public would change everything."

"Having chaired or co-chaired five national conferences on JFK and a bit more,  let me say for the record that I regard Larry's as the single most important of all  presentations in the history of JFK research! He demonstrated--conclusively!-- that Weisberg, Garrison and others were right in their inference that Lee was in the doorway during the shooting and therefore not only cannot have been "the lone gunman" but also cannot have been one of the shooters! The deepest and darkest secret about the assassination has now been decisively established on the basis of a thorough, systematic, professional and methodical series of proofs of the highest order. What an accomplishment from the Chairman of the OIC!" (sent by Jim Fetzer)

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