Monday, November 14, 2016

Just got back from an invigorating hike on this gorgeous November day. I saw an object in the road which I thought was a tree limb, and I was going to scoot it over the side. But, when I got closer to it, I suddenly realized that it was no tree limb: it was a dead squirrel. 

And my instant, spontaneous reaction was to blurt out: "Oh My God! That's a squirrel!"

I didn't think about it. It just came out. It was like a knee-jerk reaction.

Sad as it for the squirrel, it doesn't compare to a man being shot in the ribcage. That basement wasn't a battlefield. It wasn't in a war zone. It was the basement of the Dallas Police Department, and it was filled to the rafters with cops. You don't expect such a thing to happen there. 

So, when that shot went off, and the broadcaster started talking about where they were- as if the shot did not interrupt his train of thought- and then he went on to describing the scuffle, without ever reacting to or mentioning the shot, it doesn't add up; it does not make sense.

Most people go their whole lives without ever being there and seeing such a thing first-hand and up-close. That broadcaster should have reacted to the shot, and I mean as a human being. Instead, he went right to the scuffle. The scuffle? There are lots of scuffles. I've seen scuffles. I've been in a few. But, I have never seen anybody shot who was standing a few feet away from me- or any distance, for that matter.   

Hey, Backes. Listen up. Dallas Police did NOT fake the bus and cab rides, but they faked the Oswald shooting. 

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