Monday, November 7, 2016

The Wizard speaks...


I try not to rise to the bait put out by the opposition, but I thought that your instinct about the Kibbah, or skullcap, might be right, so I did a search of various kinds of Kibbah. Whatever the thing is, it's definitely one single garment or other object: not two. It has been folded to make it look like socks.

As you can see from the attached collage photo, some of these skullcaps come as a double-folded object which has to be opened up. In the picture of the 'socks' one flap might be pulled slightly out to give an impression of something else.

The width of the object is similar to the width of the inside of the hat, so I have cut out the 'sock' object and bunged it on the back of Ruby's head, although some artistic license had to be used here. A real item of such headgear could be stretched or crumpled, etc.


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