Saturday, November 12, 2016

Denis Morrissette is claiming that Joseph Backes was wrong in pegging this guy as Nat Pinkston.

On the left is Backes' image, which he claimed to be Pinkston. The middle image is one I found, but it is obviously the same man as the man on the left. If not, if they had run into each other, they would have thought they were looking in the mirror. But, according to Denis, Backes is wrong; that guy is Dallas Detective E.R. Beck. 

I am certainly open to the possibility because Backes being wrong is not a hard sell to me. But, there is this other image of Beck on the right which is from a Dallas newspaper. They claimed in it that that was Beck.

So, Denis made this collage below, and I added the picture of Beck from the newspaper. 

So, this all Denis' work except for the image of Beck from the newspaper. But, as I look at it, the newspaper image of Beck seems to match the image on the far right that Denis is calling Pinkston.

That looks to be a pretty damn good match to me. Do you see how both have a long, slender face? So, I'm thinking that, in this case, perhaps Denis has it wrong, that he has them reversed, and Backes had it right. I have lightened the image on the left.

Wait, was he smoking a pipe? He appears to be smoking something. So, in both images, they are both smoking, and they appear to be the same guy. And they are both wearing tall hats.

But, wait a second. Nat Pinkston lived 96 years. Smokers don't usually last that long. And you can see in the image below that he didn't have a long face. 

So Denis, I gotta tell you, pal, I think you're full o' shit on this one. I think you got bettered by Backes, and that's pretty sad. I hope it doesn't happen to you too often. 

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