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Murder most foul ?

Why the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1999
was most likely an assassination

By Tom Cahill

“Motive, means and opportunity are what any detective looks for in a murder case or what a conspiracy nut like myself looks for in an assassination.”

                                                               Tom Cahill

Once you have eliminated the impossible,
what  remains, however improbable, is the truth.

            Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes

July 29, 2012                                NOT Copyrighted                              2,929 Words

Work in progress since 2004.                     Please post especially where prohibited.

        The death of John F. Kennedy Jr. in an airplane crash July 16, 1999, may not have been an accident.  He may have been assassinated along with his wife, Carolyn, and sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette.
            Orchestrating the murder—in the Oval Office of all places—some days or weeks before, may have been then Pres. Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary; former Pres. George H.W. Bush; US Atty. Gen. Janet Reno: FBI Director Louis Freeh; Lawrence Rockefeller; and three other men yet unknown.       Motive for the killing?        Source of this information?   Hold on!

            First I want to make bloody sure you know who the main victim is here.  Yeh, I want to tug at your heart strings.  I want to share with you the long pent-up anger that made me an activist in the first place more than four decades ago when I began to understand who killed Pres. Kennedy and why.
            The black and white still photos and movie footage of a young “John John” saluting the horse-drawn caisson bearing his father’s flag-draped coffin will remain etched forever in the memory of many of my generation.  His mother standing by his side wore a black veil over her face that could never conceal from me the tears of rage she must have held back since she probably had a pretty damn good idea who ordered her husband’s murder.
            Yes, this is the same John Jr. who grew up to be the “handsomest man in America” and for a time the world’s most eligible bachelor.  I never had much use for him while he was alive because I saw him as just a pretty face publishing a magazine that was politically tepid; “fluffy,” as an attorney friend called the publication named George.  He was a “lace curtain Irish” kid who dated drop-dead gorgeous movie stars, dabbled in extreme sports like diving for sunken treasure, and flew airplanes.  What funny-looking, “shanty Irish,” heterosexual male like me wouldn’t be jealous as hell.
            But my attitude toward him began to change the winter of 2004 when, while wadding up some newspapers a neighbor gave me for my woodstove, I came across the July 13, 2003 issue of Parade magazine.  A photo of John was on the cover with the headline, “John F. Kennedy Jr.’s life was cut short four years ago in a plane crash.  What If He Had Lived?”  The story inside was by Edward Klein author of The Kennedy Curse: Why America’s First Family Has Been Haunted by Tragedy for 150 Years (2003).  Klein is a best-selling author and journalist, personally acquainted with many members of the Kennedy family especially the late Jackie Kennedy of whom he wrote two books; Just Jackie: Her Private Years and All Too Human: The Love Story of Jack and Jackie Kennedy.
            What jumped out at me from Klein”s Parade article was this, “Among other things, I discovered that just before he died, John was on the verge of taking the boldest gamble of his life by running for public office,” wrote Klein.  “In (Uncle) Teddy’s view, Albany, the capital of New York, would be the strongest possible launching pad for an eventual shot at the Presidency,” he wrote.  But what may have interested John Jr. more was the position of retiring (because of illness) Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY), a seat Hilliary Clinton badly wanted and eventually won.  (Moynihan died in 2003.)
            Immediately the finely-tuned shit-detector in my head switched on its screeching alarm and flashing red light.  I had just finished reading American Assassination: The Strange Death of Sen. Paul Wellstone (2004) by Professors James Fetzer and Don Jacobs.  I recalled circumstances of John John’s plane crash were similar to that of Minnesota Senator Wellstone in 2002. What I then read at reinforced my suspicion.
Motive, Means & Opportunity

            Motive, means and opportunity are what any detective looks for in a murder case or what a conspiracy nut like myself looks for in an assassination.  If John’s plane was tampered with or if an “electromagnetic pulse” (EMP) weapon was used to interfere with the electronic and electrical system of his high-performance Piper Saratoga II HP, as Professors Fetzer and Jacobs theorize in their book about Sen. Wellstone’s crash, then here was a possible motive for assassination.  My theory is the ruling elite had to off John John before his political debut.  If it happened afterward, too many people might be too upset and the answers to too many questions might be demanded.  Remember, this was the summer of 1999, the eve of a presidential race that rocked the world.
            In his book, The Yankee And Cowboy War published in 1976, Carl Oglesby describes two main factions that made up the ruling elite in America back then.  The Yankees were the old eastern establishment that included most Democrats, the Council on Foreign Relations, Wall Street, Harvard, the Rockefellers, Roosevelts, Kennedys, also known as “old money.” The Cowboys the Southern and Western power brokers that included most Republicans, the Bohemian Club, the defense industry including oil, Stanford, Howard Hughes, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Bush or “new money.” While they are rival gangs, just like the rest of organized crime, they have territory sliced up and usually get along well in screwing over the average, unaware American as via the Tri-Lateral Commission.  And like the Mafia, there is the “boss of bosses” which is rarely if ever the President of the United States.
            I think Oglesby is correct and things haven’t changed much in the past quarter century except in 1999 the Clintons were the foremost members of at least the Yankee establishment. Among other things, back then they controlled the Democratic Leadership Council.
            Also correct is Michael Parenti, author and one of America’s leading left-wing dissidents who describes most governments in history as having a “gangster nature.”  Might is right, right?
            Oglesby and others have given many of us reason to believe the assassination of Pres. Kennedy was a fascist (or “corporatist” as Mussolini preferred) coup d’etat and that ever since the U.S. has had a dictatorship in which a few faces at the top change every four or eight years to maintain the illusion of democracy.  Both the Yankees and Cowboys come together in the military/industrial complex that Pres. Eisenhower warned of in 1961. Pres. Kennedy took  Ike’s warning seriously and was assassinated, many of us believe, because—among other reasons--he tried to control and downsize the “complex” which includes the vast US intelligence community of which the CIA and the FBI may be only mid-sized agencies.

            “…The interests of the intelligence community, organized crime and megabuck corporations overlap in concentric self-serving circles,” wrote Warren Hinckle and William W. Turner in their 1981 book, The Fish is Red: The Secret War Against Castro.  The book linked the CIA and the Mafia with the Bay of Pigs invasion, the JFK assassination, Watergate, and the huge drug trade in South Florida back then.  So what’s changed here?  Hinckle, with very progressive credentials, was a long-time columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and later the Examiner.  Turner was a former F.B.I agent and author of many books, some critical of the FBI as well as the Warren Commission.

The “Internet Sherlock”

            Now fast forward to Tom Flocco, Internet detective and investigative reporter at  In his piece dated Aug. 31, 2005, a source he refuses to divulge, and for obvious reasons, told him John Jr. was considering running against Hillary Clinton for the seat of retiring Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan in New York or even against George W. Bush for the White House.  This ups the ante considerably, because John was most likely independent of the Yankee establishment. After the demise of his dad and Uncle Bobby, the rest of the Kennedys probably lost their membership in that exclusive club since from then on none of them were, at the very least, “reliable.”  But John had the name, looks, personality, charisma, centerfold wife, start-up money, etc. that made him a threat to the old guard.
            Many, especially his mother and Uncle Ted, had urged him to carry on his father’s legacy.  And, “Though they had no idea of what John stood for politically, large numbers of Americans believed he should run for President,” wrote Klein in the Parade article as well as his book.
            “John had been offered—and turned down—a post as an undersecretary in President Bill Clinton’s Cabinet.  And he was the first choice (before Hillary Rodham Clinton) among Democrats in New York to run for the seat being vacated by the state’s senior Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan,” wrote Klein in the Parade piece.
            “One tabloid carried a report that Bill Clinton had once told John, ‘We’re going to run Hillary for President in 2008, and we want you to be on the ticket as her vice president.  Your turn will come in 2016 and 2020,’” according to Darwin Porter in his book J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson: Investigating The Sexual Secrets of America’s Most Famous Men And Women published this year (2012).
            Astute observers “pointed out that John had demonstrated in the pages of George that he understood how to turn young people on to politics.  If he ever ran for public office, they said, he would know how to use the methods and sensibility of popular culture,” Klein wrote.
            Had he lived, John Jr. would have been thirty-nine on Nov. 25, 1999, a little young for the White House but not for a vacated U.S. Senate seat which would be an easier prize since he wouldn’t be running against a seasoned incumbent of his own Democratic party.
            On the other hand, we know how ruthless “Hillary the Hun”--as her husband used to call her--can be, for instance the way she took Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu’s seat on the Armed Services Committee--so vital for a run for the Oval Office.  Sen. Landrieu had alienated her black constituents by supporting Bush Administration goals in order to keep her conservative white voters.  In exchange for the Senator’s seat on the Armed Services Committee, Bill Clinton successfully wooed the blacks for her, according to R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr. in his book,  Madam Hillary  (2004).
            According to Tom Flocco’s source, JFK Jr. was fed up with the threats and blackmail against Kennedy family members and was “planning on turning his magazine George into a true political vehicle for change.”  He had already published “exposes on George Wallace and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.  This alone is enough to have gotten him killed,” claimed the source.  And if that wasn’t enough, “Subject had begun looking into his father’s murder, and had developed plans to slowly expose those involved in his magazine.”
            John had publicly criticized Atty. Gen. Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh for the way they handled the Waco and Ruby Ridge operations, according to Flocco’s source who also placed Reno, Freeh, the Clintons, former Pres. Bush, Lawrence Rockefeller and three others in a meeting in the Oval Office not long before John’s death. Among matters discussed was John possibly exposing his father’s murder in his magazine, speculation whether he would run against Hillary or George W., and the way he would be neutralized.
            Of course Flocco’s source might be hard to accept for some had we not known of America’s dark past since the now obvious murder of democracy Nov. 22, 1963.  Just “connect the dots” and/or “follow the money trail” to see who profited and who lost from the following:  the Vietnam War including the Kent State shooting and afterward the massacre of 600 American POW/MIAs with the CIA’s knowledge and cover-up; the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., Bobby Kennedy and Malcolm X; Watergate; FEMA concentration camps set up during Reagon’s watch as well as the Iran-Contra drugs for guns scam,  the Savings and Loan rip-off that added to the Gipper’s massive deficit; the School of the Americas;   the fraudulent presidential elections of 2000 and 2004; the “false flag” attack on 9/11;  America’s war on Islam  for oil;  the Wellstone assassination; the use of uranium munitions in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan;  the way the Hurricane Katrina rescue and relief efforts seem to have been sabotaged by FEMA; the Wall Street Meltdown and ensuing trillion-dollar bail-out; and now the cover-up of high levels of radiation reaching the West Coast from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  A growing number of people world-wide believe conspiracy is synonymous with politics and economics.

John John’s “Accident”

            As in the assassination of Pres. Kennedy, the car-bombing of my friend, Earth First leader Judi Bari, the plane crash of Sen. Wellstone, etc, the corporate media was incredibly quick to put out false reports as if people waiting in the wings with telephones were  poised to spread disinformation.  In the case of Sen. Wellstone’s death, first the weather was blamed.  When that proved false, pilot error was blamed.  When that wore thin, the aircraft itself was blamed, then proved wrong.
            In JFK Jr.’s case, he was blamed for being a fledgling pilot who should not have even attempted an over water flight at night.  The corporate media claimed he only had forty hours flying time.  The truth is he had forty hours in his 1995 Piper Saratoga for which he paid $300,000 and could afford the best maintenance.  He had lots more total  flying time. .
            According to Flocco’s source, “Subject has been reported by all interviewed, including three flight instructors, to be an excellent pilot who did not take chances.  Subject has logged many hours and had acquired an abnormal amount of experience for an individual holding a pilot’s license for only fifteen months.  In fact, it has been reported that JFK Jr. had logged enough hours, and acquired enough expertise to qualify as a commercial pilot!  He had passed instrument checks with no reported difficulties.  Although subject did not like flying at night, all information indicated he did so efficiently.  Media’s reports of ‘pilot error,’ ‘failed instrument test and checks’ and ‘scared to fly at night’ are patently untrue.  Standard American Media disinformation,” stated the former INTERPOL operative and CIA officer who might have given testimony to a US Special Prosecutor as part of an ongoing grand jury probe “involving White House crime families” (Flocco) including the outing of CIA officer Valerie Plame.
The prosecutor was none other than hardnosed U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, Patrick Fitzgerald, the guy who put The New York Times reporter and right-wing ideologue Judith Miller behind bars for refusing to divulge what she knew and when about news leaks that amounted to treason such as Iraq’s non-existent  weapons of mass destruction and the outing of Valerie Plame. 
Headline in the Washington Post July 27, 2005, “Prosecutor in CIA Leak Case Casting a Wide Net.”

“In his last moments alive, John had apparently experienced spatial disorientation, and his plane had gone into a fatal graveyard dive,” wrote Klein in his book, The Kennedy Curse.  When located, along with other parts of the aircraft and the three bodies, “The throttle and propeller controls were in the full-forward position, indicating that the plane had smashed into the water at great velocity,” wrote Klein.
John may have been on “final approach” to the airport on the island of Martha’s Vineyard when his Piper Saratoga crashed into the Atlantic Ocean much as Sen. Wellstone’s Air King A100 crashed on landing at the Eveleth-Virginia Municipal Airport in Minnesota three years later.
A “death ray” is what Buck Rogers, the fictional character of comics and film in the 1930s and 40s, might have called an electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) that have been a reality in the U.S. arsenal for at lest a decade before John Kennedy’s fatal plane crash in 1999. 
According to Wikipedia, “Electromagnetic weapons, including high power microwaves, were used during the Gulf War (1990-91) to disrupt and destroy the enemy’s electronic systems and may have been used for other purposes.  The degree of exposure to electromagnetic fields by Iraqi citizens and battlefield troops is unknown.”  EMPs can be directed to a specific target by a parabolic reflector as from a van as Professors Fetzer and Jacobs theorize in their book American Assassination.  This book is a must read for anyone interested in crashes especially during take-offs and landings of airplanes when most vulnerable at low altitudes.
Another eye-opener is The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage (1973) by Sherman H. Skolnick, updates of which are on the Internet.
“The FBI kept some sort of watch over JFK Jr. even beyond death, investigating his mysterious plane crash, especially the charges that a bomb had been planted aboard his private plane,” wrote Darwin Porter in his recently published (2012) outing of J. Edgar Hoover and his lover, Clyde Tolson.

As of 2012, nothing has come of an investigation into JFK Jr’s crash.  But stay tuned!  Another “mysterious” plane crash just might provoke interest in  John’s death, for as the late Mae Brussell--called the “queen of conspiracy sleuths”-- once said, “How many coincidences does it take to make a conspiracy?”

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