Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ruby's story does NOT mesh with the what we see in the films. 

Note first that he first said to the Warren Commissioners that he sent the WU money order at 10:17. Then he was told that the Oswald shooting didn't take place until 11: 21, and so he changed it to 11:17. But, a temporal mistake of that magnitude isn't one that anyone is likely to make. To be off by an hour? Remember, he knew he did it in the morning. He knew it wasn't afternoon or evening or night. And he knew it wasn't real early in the morning. In other words, the "area of time", to coin a phrase, wasn't that big. The area was mid to late morning, and that isn't a big area. So, to be off by a whole hour isn't likely. 

Then, he claimed that he went down there to the bottom of the ramp, and when they brought Oswald out, that he yelled, "You killed my President, you rat." 

But wait. We have watched the films, and we know that the shooter just rushes in without saying anything. We obviously don't hear him say that, but in addition to that, it doesn't look like he's talking. It looks like his entire focus is on doing what he is going to do.

So, there is the shooter on the right, and he is starting to make his move.

Now, he's about half way to Oswald. Is he talking now? Well, if he is, how could Graves not register on him? How could Graves not be aware of him when he is a moving and talking object? Is Graves deaf? 

Now, he is just about there. He's got to be talking by now, right?Yet, Leavelle, Oswald, and Graves are all still oblivious. Are they deaf? But, as you look at that guy, you certainly don't have any visible indication that he is talking. And when you watch the film, which includes audio (you do hear a reporter yelling a question at Oswald) you don't hear any such thing. 

Now read this testimony of Ruby's:

Mr. RUBY. I had the gun in my right hip pocket, and impulsively, if that is the correct word here, I saw him, and that is all I can say. And I didn't care what happened to me. I think I used the words, "You killed my President, you rat." 
The next thing, I was down on the floor. I said, "I am Jack Ruby. You all know me." I never used anything malicious, nothing like s.o.b. I never said that I wanted to get three more off, as they stated.

Notice that he never said, "And then I pulled the trigger." He yelled at Oswald, and the next thing he knew he was on the floor. And not knowing why he was on the floor with cops pouncing on him, he said to them, "I am Jack Ruby; you know me." 

How can that be considered an admission of having shot anybody? He never even admitted taking his gun out. 

All of this happened BEFORE the televised event. They hustled him away. And they did it again with Bookhout, which is the version that the world saw. 

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