Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Hughes Doorway is fake. Not the bus ride, not the cab ride, but the Hughes Doorway is fake. Look at Toni Glover. She's got her mother in front of her, you know. And I mean directly in front of her, where all she can see is her mother's back. Yet, she's doing a rousing wave? And JFK's limo isn't even in front of her yet. Toni (through her mother's back) is facing the doorway, but JFK's limo is still turning from Houston. So, who is she waving at, even theoretically? And then, you've got Doorman hovering right above Carl Jones next to the west wall. Doorman was white. Carl Jones was black. That didn't happen in 1963. It just didn't. And we know from the Wiegman film that Doorman was in the center of the doorway, far away from Carl Jones.

So, how could Doorman simultaneously be in the center of the doorway and also be next to the west wall hovering above Carl Jones? And if you are going to start saying that he was moving around that doorway during the shooting, don't bother. Remember who you are talking to. I don't tolerate that degree of stupidity. It is NOT plausible that he was moving around, relocating himself. And, if you are going to claim that he was Lovelady, Lovelady never claimed to do that. Lovelady was asked where he was during the shooting, and he said, "on your top level." He did not say, "first, I was hovering above Carl Jones next to the west wall, but then I moved to the top level." He just said he was on the top level. And the figure he was referring to was not Doorman, but rather, Black Hole Man.

Again: the Hughes Doorway is fake. It is another example of cinematic flim-flam of which the JFK assassination is rampant. And it was done for only one reason: to hide Oswald in the doorway. 

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