Monday, November 14, 2016

This is from a correspondent whom I shan't name, but it is very cogent and compelling.

"When you think about the fact that that with a mentally weak man (Jack Ruby) who knew he had a history of blackouts due to his alcohol abuse. The C.I.A. doctor (Louis Joylan West) was needed to repetitively suggest to Ruby that he did it, until he caved and said; "I really don't remember it, but I guess I did it" or something to that effect." 
"But, it gets better.  It's pretty surefire that this was the plan way back in the infancy of the plot, that they knew they could use Ruby to 'patsy' the 'patsy' and convince him that he had shot him.  If someone put Ruby under deep hypnosis, they would have been able to determine that he had zero as in NO RECOLLECTION of the killing because he did not do it."
"My guess is the only doctor who got near him was the C.I.A. bastard with the MK ULTRA experience."
"If he had the slightest inkling of wanting to kill Oswald, Ruby never would have taken his dog on that drive, period, end of story...because he would not have wanted the dog's fate to be left up in the air.  Matter of fact, someone would have had the dog in their custody already had he had the slightest impulse to go shoot Oswald."
"The whole thing is a sad, pathetic setup of not only Oswald but Ruby as well, the two of them hapless pawns in a humongous plot, and Ruby not just hapless, but driven out of his mind.  He did not have his wits about him. He was mentally incompetent." 

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