Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hoover was in on it

by Ralph C. Cinque

We hear a lot about Lyndon Johnson being involved in the JFK assassination, that he didn't just cover it up, but that he had foreknowledge of it. On Elm Street, he ducked, leaving his wife in harm's way, and we can see it in the Altgens photo.  I've read three books about LBJ's involvement in the JFK assassination: one by Fred Newcombe, one by Barr McClennan, and one by Phil Nelson. But, there are others, for instance, Roger Stone's book, which I intend to read. 

So, that LBJ was involved in killing Kennedy is a widely held belief within the "community." However, what about J. Edgar Hoover? It's widely believed that he was involved in the cover-up, but what about the murder? Did Hoover have foreknowledge?

We've all heard the claim that Hoover attended the Clint Murchison party the night before the assassination, as reported by Madeleine Duncan Brown, LBJ's mistress. But naturally, it depends on the amount of credibility you give to Madeleine Brown.

But, even without that, I am inclined to believe, very strongly, that Hoover had foreknowledge, and I can tell you that from now on, I shall operate under that assumption.  Here's why:

First, Hoover was very close friends with Lyndon Johnson, and there is no reason to believe the Johnson would not have told him- even if no one else did. They were such close friends that LBJ's daughters called Hoover, Uncle Edgar. They were such close friends that when LBJ moved to Washington, he bought a house right next door to Hoover just so that they could be close. Once you realize that LBJ was involved, it follows like night follows day that he told Hoover. Of course he would have. Why the hell not? 

He had no reason not to, knowing as he did that Kennedy and Hoover were bitter enemies. In fact, if there was anyone alive he could trust to tell, it was Hoover. Hoover's animosity towards JFK went way back- to long before JFK became President. Back in the 30s when JFK was an ensign in the Navy and doing work with classified materials in Washington, he was having an affair with the beautiful German spy Ellen Rometsch and Hoover was alarmed. He had their meetings tape-recorded, and he took his concerns to the top. He was afraid that Kennedy was going to reveal state secrets in the pillow talk. And that's just one example. Kennedy's reckless philandering (and let's face it: it was that) really infuriated Hoover. JFK's affairs with Judyth Exner and with Marilyn Monroe enraged him. We know that Hoover bugged the home of Marilyn Monroe, and it was because of her involvement, sexual and otherwise, with both Kennedy brothers. Then, she was obviously murdered, but by whom? The leading candidate in my opinion is J. Edgar Hoover, and the only other one is Robert Kennedy. 

So, what reason would LBJ have had not to tell Uncle Edgar? There isn't any. Mandatory retirement due to age was bearing down on Hoover, and Kennedy was going to force him out. He wanted to get rid of Hoover. He wanted to get rid of Hoover worse than he wanted to get rid of Dulles. Of course, as President, LBJ reversed it all, issuing an Executive Order stating that Hoover could remain in power for as long as he wanted- until his death. And that's what happened.

Second, consider how fast Hoover responded with information about Oswald after the assassination. He was prepared. He was ready. He had it collected in advance. 

Third, Hoover received a telegram from James Bookhout just days before the assassination. The odds are great that it was about Kennedy's visit, but what about it? Kennedy's security was left mostly to the Dallas Police and the Secret Service. We have other internal memos and communications within the FBI, so why don't we have that one? Bookhout went on to become the Garage Shooter of Oswald, so that he was communicating directly with Hoover just a few days before looks strongly complicit.   

Fourth, it was J. Edgar Hoover who called Robert Kennedy to inform him that his brother was shot. Now, why would Hoover have been the one to do that if he wasn't involved? Don't you think it was something that was planned in advance?  

Fifth, Hoover was just too powerful not to tell him. He was arguably the most powerful person in the country, more powerful than the President. It was Hoover who controlled the media, not JFK. It was Hoover who had a vast network of spies and informants, not JFK. And Hoover had closer ties with the military, with other intelligence agencies, and with industrial tycoons than JFK. How could the plotters risk crossing Hoover? Or slighting him? All the reasons to believe that they couldn't do it without LBJ apply also to Hoover. The killing of Kennedy was an operation of the "national security state" according to Vincent Salandria. So, how does the national security state not include J. Edgar Hoover?

I don't say that Hoover was involved in the JFK assassination operationally. But, I don't believe he was caught by surprise on November 22.  He knew it was going to happen, and he knew who the patsy was. But, when it came to killing Oswald, he was involved operationally. The killing of Oswald was a joint operation of the Dallas Police and the FBI. And the FBI meant Hoover.  

In terms of killing Kennedy, Hoover has gotten off easy compared to LBJ, and that needs to stop. Hoover knew. And in knowing, he had blood on his hands. Anyone who thinks otherwise, needs to wake up. Hoover knew; he knew before it happened.  


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