Friday, November 25, 2016

On the Monday before the assassination, FBI Agent James Bookhout sent, from Dallas to Washington, an inter-office telegram to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. 

My source for that is the book Farewell America: The Plot to Kill JFK by James Hepburn, which I understand is an alias. He said that the Warren Commission was never informed of the existence of this telegram, and its contents have never been made public.

But, let's think about it. This was before the assassination. So obviously, if it had anything to do with the assassination, it means they both had foreknowledge.

But, did it just concern the motorcade? But, Kennedy did a lot of motorcades, and what could Bookhout have had to tell Hoover about that? No one ever said that James Bookhout was involved in preparing for Kennedy's visit and securing his safety.

James Bookhout became the eyes and ears of the FBI at the Oswald interrogations and in observing the whole manner in which Oswald's arrest was being handled by the Dallas Police. Bookhout got to City Hall before Fritz did. He got to City Hall before Oswald did. When was that assignment made, and who made it? 

The very fact that Bookhout knew Hoover- and well enough to be sending him telegrams- is unnerving. I never knew until now that Bookhout had direct communications with Hoover. And if he sent him a telegram on that Monday, it's likely that it wasn't the first time. A direct link between James Bookhout and J. Edgar Hoover in a federal agency as large as the FBI is a smoking gun in itself.

And it strengthens a concept I introduced previously, that the order to take out Oswald had to come from the top, meaning it had to come from Johnson and Hoover.   

Hoover hated Kennedy. That's no secret. Bookhout had close ties to Hoover. Do the Math. 

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