Friday, March 10, 2017

Another reason why they absolutely had to kill Oswald- and fast- is because: it was the only way they could take possession of Marina. 

Imagine if Oswald had lived and was being prosecuted for two murders. How can you have a murder defendant where you have taken possession of his wife, putting her into detention? That would be grounds for a mistrial in itself. They could not have done it if Oswald had lived. 

As soon as Oswald saw a lawyer, one of the things they would have talked about, that first visit, was the welfare of his wife and children. And the lawyer would have come away with a mandate to protect them- legally and even physically. He, obviously, would not have allowed the State to take possession of his client's wife. 

Marina was NOT being accused of any crime. They didn't want to accuse her of any crime because Oswald was supposed to be the LONE gunman, the operative word being LONE. That means he told nobody, not even his wife. 

So, the State had no legal grounds and no right to hold her. The lawyer would have arranged for her safety, and that of her children. 

And from that point on, she would have been an asset to OSWALD- not to the fucking, murderous, leviathan State. And she'd have been coached alright, but not by the FBI and the Secret Service. She'd have been coached by Oswald's lawyer, by his prodigious legal team, about how Oswald never hurt anybody, including her. How he never spoke badly of Kennedy. How he never ordered or owned a rifle. How he never went to Mexico City. How that's him standing in the doorway, wearing a shirt which she recognized. Etc. Etc. Etc. 

So, Marina was an invaluable asset, like in a war, where you want to take a certain position before the enemy gets it. As soon as Oswald took his last breath, Marina became an asset of the State. 

Remember: James Hosty went out to the Paine house and talked to Marina. Apparently, it went on for hours. It's presumed that he went to talk to her about Oswald. Wrong presumption. You can be sure it was mostly about HER.  Hosty was sizing her up. 

Marina spent the night of the 22nd at the Paine house, as she normally did. It's where she lived. But, the next night she spent at the Six Flags Hotel in Dallas, in the custody of the FBI and the Secret Service. 

So, even while Oswald was alive, she was taken into custody. But, it technically began, as I see it, that evening, that Saturday evening when they didn't allow her to go home. But, that Saturday afternoon was the one and only time she saw Oswald. Did Oswald say anything to her then about what she should do? We don't know, but he probably just assumed that she would go on living with Ruth Paine at that house. Why not? Did he warn her that officials would try to take possession of her, and that she should refuse? I doubt it. Was he even told that his family had been moved into custody? Did he know anything about it before he died? We don't know the answer to that, and frankly, there would be no reason to believe anything they said. Once Oswald was dead, they could have said anything, such as: "Oh yeah, we told him, and he approved. In fact, he thanked us." It would be just like those shitfaced bastards.

And what about the story that Oswald was REJECTING legal help, holding out for John Abt? Believing that comes down to one thing: whether you think Oswald was insane. He didn't know John Abt. He didn't know whether John Abt could practice criminal law in the state of Texas. And he had no grounds to think that Abt would drop everything in his life to rush to Texas to represent him, and pro bono at that, since Oswald had no money. 

So, to turn down readily available legal help because of that hope, dream, and prayer? Oswald would have had to be insane, alright. 

But wait: we can hear Oswald speak about it with our own ears. Repeatedly, over and over, he complained that he was not provided a lawyer, and he asked the world at large for help, that someone would come forward to give him legal assistance. Those were his exact words. He made that plea to the whole damn world. He didn't ask the world to contact John Abt. He didn't speak to John Abt through the microphone. "John, I need you!" No. He just asked people to help him get a lawyer. 

So, who are you going to believe? Oswald or the Lying State? 

Make no mistake: Oswald had to be killed. And the vicious, lying, murderous State didn't just get lucky that Jack Ruby decided to kill Oswald to save Jackie a trip to Dallas. No. The vicious, lying, murderous State killed Oswald, and they pinned it on Ruby, just as they pinned the murder of Kennedy, whom they also killed, on Oswald. The wickedness of the State knows no bounds is unsurpassed by any entity. That's the American State I'm talking about, which killed Kennedy, killed Oswald, and killed countless others, before and after, and has never stopped killing.  It is the State of Evil.   

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