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The reality is that, officially, there are NO images of James Bookhout from the time of the assassination or thereafter- for the rest of his life- including his obituary. The only images we have of him- other than the unacknowledged ones that we found ourselves- are from his school yearbooks. 

But, it's the absence of any images from 11/22, 11/23, and 11/24 that is most strange and inexplicable because he was stuck like glue to Oswald, hence, he should have been imaged. 

Take Detectives Boyd and Sims. There are tons of pictures of them because they were escorting Oswald around. So why not Bookhout? I have to wonder if they didn't crop out or blur images of him.

 What is that to our right of Oswald? Something is covering up his left shoulder. Is this an obfuscation?

Here, it's just the opposite, with something covering up his right shoulder. Innocent? Maybe. But maybe not.

So, there are Boyd and Sims, and behind them is Hall. That's the same trio that were with Bookhout following the garage spectacle. 

So, the Wizard is right: with Leavelle, Graves, and Dhority assigned to Oswald, it was arranged for this trio to shuffle Bookhout to safety after the garage spectacle. How this photo of Bookhout got taken I don't know. I'm thinking that they just ran into a photographer in the hall. They couldn't have been happy about it. They don't look happy. This image appears in the 1993 retrospective by Fred Rheinstein and nowhere else. It's baffling that he included it. Was he so arrogant as to think that he could pass this guy off for Jack Ruby and no one would notice? Ever? 

I keep looking at images of Oswald in the hope that one which includes Bookhout slipped through the cracks. Above, Oswald is clasping his hands the way he did in the doorway. It took me a long time to figure out that that is what we are seeing in the Altgens photo: Oswald clasping his hands- left over right. 

Images of him doing that after his arrest keep mounting up. Finally, there is this:

So, that's Hall holding his right arm and Boyd holding his left.  I don't know what that is to our right. And look at the man over Oswald's left shoulder, behind him. He's short, and his face looks round.

Is that a possible Bookhout sighting?

I want you to think about the fact that when he was arrested in New Orleans, Oswald asked to speak to an FBI agent. I don't think he asked for one by name, just "an" FBI agent. Think about how weird and unusual that is. Do you know of any other instances in which a detainee did that? Asked for an FBI agent?

So, Oswald must have had an affinity for the FBI. He must have been in a comfort zone with the FBI. 

Of course, he didn't like Hosty because Hosty went out and interrogated his wife without Oswald's knowledge or permission. I've heard it said that Hosty's name and phone number were in Oswald's address book. So, he definitely knew of Hosty, but did he know him personally? Had he met him before? Officially, the answer to that is no, but who knows. It's not like they wouldn't lie about it if they wanted to. 

And after Oswald got agitated with Hosty, Hosty stopped coming to the interrogations. He dropped out. Now, why is that? Was it because they didn't want to agitate Oswald? Or was it because they were afraid that Oswald knew things that he might say were Hosty to stick around. 

But, if we're going to ask if Oswald had ever met Hosty before, let's also ask if Oswald had ever met Bookhout before. Hey, it's possible. We know that Oswald was interrogated by the FBI in Dallas for hours at a time in at least two sessions after he returned from Russia. So, was Bookhout in on that? And we know that Oswald visited the FBI office in Dallas shortly before the assassination and left a handwritten message for Hosty. So, had Oswald been there before? Did he know Bookhout? Was Bookhout assigned to this because he knew Oswald? And perhaps because he got along well with Oswald?

And then there's this:

In the center of the photo, between them and us, is Hall, and to the right, I think, is Sims, who was shorter. And Boyd could not have been far off. Oswald went up to talk to that short guy. And he said something to him that indicated that they had been talking, that they were in the midst of a private conversation. Now, who could that have been? It couldn't be a newsman. It had to be somebody who was attending the interrogations. And we see that guy file into Fritz' office with the others following this. 

So, he was definitely one of the interrogators. Pinkston did not attend any of the interrogations. There is no chance that he got to know Oswald. There is no chance he ever got into a conversation with Oswald. And then, the fact that they resorted to obfuscation with this guy:

That is just plain weird. His face is in profile, and there is nothing? No features at all? Just a blank slate? Beyond weird. 

And look at that piercing look from Oswald. HE KNEW THAT GUY. He knew him well. This is the only time that Oswald interacted with someone personally from the time of his arrest to the time of his death. Excepting, of course, the visits from his family. 

So, who could that guy be except Bookhout? Nobody. He HAS to be Bookhout. Hey, if you want to go through the list of those who attended Oswald's interrogations, be my guest. Knock yourself out. But, there is no one else other than Bookhout whom Oswald could have gotten to know well enough to converse with in the hall- and at Oswald's initiation. That is Bookhout. He was short, and that FBI agent who contacted me to tell me that Bookhout was "no less than 6 feet tall" was lying. LIAR!

The point is that these unacknowledged images of Bookhout are incriminating, but so is the very fact that there are no acknowledged images of him from the assassination. It is a smoking gun. 

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