Monday, March 13, 2017

Someone sent me an MP4 of Oswald being led out to his demise. It's blurry, but it still shows stuff. Look at this frame. You can't tell me that Leavelle has got his hand in Oswald's pants at this point. 

With Leavelle's upper arm in that position, it limits what his forearm can be doing. It's a hinge joint. He certainly does not have his hand in Oswald's pants. So, at what point did he put his hand in Oswald's pants? And did he warn Oswald, or did he just do it?

So, there they are outside shortly before the shooting. Again, the position of Leavelle's upper arm tells us that his forearm can't be veering towards Oswald's pants. It's a hinge joint. 

And that's the last we see of them from behind. They walk out of view after that and then we hear the shot. There is no reason to think that Leavelle had his hand in Oswald's pants. 

And the frames that seem to show it are all FAKE.

That is CHILDISHLY fake. It is fakery for the stupid. You would really have to be stupid to think that his sausage-shaped forearm was actually do that.

They lied about the hand in the pants to account for what we see in the Jackson photo, their showcase photo:

What is wrong with Bob Jackson? Does he actually think that THAT is his unaltered photo? Did James Altgens think that the published Altgens6 photo was his unaltered photo?

Statism is a terrible disease of the mind: to believe what Authority tells you no matter how ludicrous. It's like America is Jonestown, and everybody is drinking the KoolAid. 

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