Sunday, March 12, 2017

Robert Glenn Exactly, and I never bought the tale that Oswald attempted to shoot the arresting officer in the theater. Lee was not a stupid guy and when he knew he was sent to the theater only to be set up, he had to know better than to start a gun fight with cops. 
Ralph Cinque Thank you for that, Robert. You're right, that Oswald tried to shoot Officer Nick McDonald is another vicious lie about him. Oswald would have had to be out of his mind, having done nothing wrong, to shoot a policeman. There are reports that Oswald admitted taking a swing at McDonald, but if he did, I suspect it was a reflex because McDonald started grabbing him at his belt area. But that tells us something: that the pistol was not in Oswald's hand; it was in his belt. Oswald never drew his pistol. McDonald had to go to his pants to get it. And I really doubt that Oswald would have done it (taken a swing) had McDonald not touched him there. And if I can suddenly change the subject and jump to something else, it supports my idea that the claim that James Leavelle had his hand tucked in Oswald's pants the whole time they were walking the Green Mile, is bull shit, especially when you consider how Oswald reacted the first time a cop tried to touch him there.

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