Friday, March 17, 2017

I have long maintained that the figure closest to Doorman, whom we call Black Tie Man, is a false, manipulated image.

Two government organizations, a commission and a committee, probed the Doorman question, but how could neither of them ask who that man was? As close as he was to Doorman, how could he not know who Doorman was? Wouldn't you try to find him and ask him? Not only did neither one ask who that man was; neither even acknowledged he was there. They talked around him.

But, he had to be a TSBD employee, right? He wasn't just some guy off the street. And, the juxtaposition between him and Oswald is, in a word, impossible. And, if you don't think so, then produce another image that looks like them. Better yet: make one. Position two men and then take their picture. See if you can duplicate what we see. I know you can't, and that's because I tried.

On the right, the back of his right shoulder was touching the back of my left shoulder. So, we were as close as possible. But still, we are nowhere near as close as Doorman and Black Tie Man. Notice that instead of having a slash be the junction between him and me, that my entire left shoulder is visible. Squared off and visible. The slash is trash. I'll say it again: The slash is trash. 

Why did they put Black Tie Man into the picture? To cover up this:

Look at that construction. You have a collar. And below the collar there is another fold, which I call a lapel. That fold, that lapel, fluctuated. Sometimes it folded over a lot, and other times not so much. Below it was folded over a lot. 

Whose shirt does that? None of my shirts do that. It must have been a shirt that Oswald brought back from Russia. Oswald beat them just by getting dressed that morning.  If that was seen in the Altgens photo, it would have been all over.

That construction, with the flat collar and the long fold below it and the protruding button loop was distinct to Oswald. It's not as though they could claim Lovelady's shirt was like that. So, they had to cover that up. And they covered it up with Black Tie Man.

So, you see Oswald and you see Lovelady next to him visoring his eyes. Black Tie Man wasn't there. Where's his right shoulder? Where is Doorman's left shoulder? Both are missing. Why is Black Tie Man standing sideways and looking at the wall? The parade is out to the front. Why, at a time like that, would Black Tie Man be turned and standing that way and looking that way? He wouldn't. He couldn't. He wasn't. It is a phony image. And here's something else:  Notice how you can see his shirt collar. There is a faint line there demarcating his collar. But, would Ike Altgens have captured that? When he had his camera focused on Kennedy? Where the whole photo, the whole gigantic Altgens6 photo was only 3 1/2 x 2 1/2? And yet, he captured that line from that distance? He didn't captured that line. That's an enhancement that was added later. That's photoshopping. And, I am using the word generically. It was probably done at the time that Robert Groden created his famous scan, either by him because he was complicit, or on him, because he's stupid. And, it was just an attempt to legitimize the image. But, how could anyone call this monstrosity legitimate? Look at the height of the black woman's hair. This was before afros came into style. The black woman on her right, our left, look at her hair. Compare it to the other. It's fake. It's part of the cover-up. There was probably someone there that they did not want seen at all. Then look at Obfuscated Man below Lovelady. He is standing there with both arms folded across his chest. A white splotch was put over his face, which they tried to convert into a third arm that is supposedly visoring his eyes. So, he is a three-armed man. But, the so-called "elbow" and protruding pinkie above it, are more photoshopping. Then, there is the fact that they blackened out Lovelady's face and whitened out the stripes on his shirt. Then, there is the Black Man below Oswald who is also fake. That man was facing the other way, just as we see in Wiegman.

He wasn't looking east; he was looking west. The action was west. JFK was west.

They put that other image in there, and it was to cover up the tattered condition of the bottom of Oswald's shirt.

They had to cover that up, so they put that profile image of Carl Jones in there. It was actually taken by Phil Willis a few hours later.

How could Ike Altgens and Phil Willis capture identical images of a man from opposite angles and 3 hours apart? One was shooting from the southwest (Altgens) while the other was shooting from the northeast (Willis). 

And then, finally, there is the ridiculous Woman and Boy, where the boy's elevation is utterly impossible. She can't possibly be holding him, and there was nothing for him to stand on. 

The Woman and Boy are covering up the man in the fedora hat. Who was he? Jack Ruby looms as a possibility, but so does James Bookhout. Both of them gave alternate accounts. Ruby said he was at the Dallas Morning News placing an ad. Bookhout said he was watching the motorcade from Main Street (which wasn't far away). He tried to make it sound like he didn't go to see Kennedy per se, that he just went to the bank, the Mercantile Bank, to conduct some personal business, and fell upon the motorcade afterwards. He said he never laid eyes on Kennedy because there were people in front of him. But, as Harold Weisberg told us, Bookhout was such a liar. Jesus, could he lie. 

Folks, the whole Altgens doorway is a freak show. Nothing like it exists anywhere else in the photographic world. I think we should finish with another stirring rendition of that famous song, The Altgens Family. Now come on, clear your throat and start singing:

Da nah nah NAH.

Da nah nah NAH.

Da nah nah NAH; Da nah nah NAH; Da nah nah NAH.

They're creepy and they're kooky, 
Mysterious and spooky, 
They're all together ooky, 
The Altgens Family. 

Their doorway's a museum 
When people come to see 'em 
They really are a scree'um 
The Altgens Family. 




So get a witches shawl on 
A broomstick you can crawl on 
We're gonna pay a call on 
The Altgens Family.

Their names are still debated,
Black Hole and Obfuscated,
Their histories are related,
The Altgens Family.

See Oswald is the Doorman,
He doesn't have a prayer, Man,
Lovelady's got no hair, Man,
The Altgens Family




Lee's innocent, you dodo,
Scan Altgens' altered photo
For characters we all know,
The Altgens Family.

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