Sunday, March 12, 2017

Why does the Establishment and the mainstream media (which the Establishment controls) hate Donald Trump so much? They hated him during the campaign and did all they could to derail him, and they still hate him. 

Well, whatever the reasons are, I'll tell you what is NOT a reason: It's not because they fear that he won't be good to Israel. 

There was a Jewish man who, during the campaign, put a video up on Youtube in which he questioned why so many Jews, including wealthy, powerful, influential, and well connected Jews, were so opposed to Trump. Then, he compared what Hillary was saying and doing in regard to Israel to what Trump was saying and doing. He pointed out how Ivanka married into a wealthy Jewish family and converted to Judaism, and even became joint citizen of Israel, and all with Donald's approval. Then, he pointed out how practically all the executives of the Trump Organization below Donald and his sons are Jewish. And, I have no doubt that the reason Trump hired them is because they are very competent people who are good at what they do. He is certainly not an anti-Semite. He promised to maintain or increase US military and financial aid to Israel. He condemned Obama's refusal to veto the UN resolution condemning Israel for expanding Jewish settlements. His UN ambassador immediately criticized the prior administration over it as her first official act. And he appointed a very hawkish Zionist to be US Ambassador to Israel. So, as President, he is following through in being very pro-Israel. So why does the Establishment hate him so much? 

It's partly because of his policies, for instance, the wall. And I'm no fan of the wall either. It would cost a lot of money, and it would have NO economic value. None. Some people say it will create jobs. Well, if we just have people dig ditches and then fill them back up with dirt, that would create jobs too. The wall would have the same economic value. And it won't keep drugs off the street either. It may make street drugs more expensive, but they'll still be there. Look: if Prohibition couldn't keep big, clanky, heavy, fragile bottles of alcohol from being distributed, how are you going to stop the flow of pills and powders? The solution to all the crimes, including violent crimes, that resulted from Prohibition was to end Prohibition. It's a pity that our leaders can't see that the same applies to the War on Drugs. You wanna stop the cartels? Here's how: stick Walmart on them. 

But, even the policy issues don't explain the hatred for Trump. And you notice that so far he has gotten nowhere with his wall idea. Mexico has told him go fuck himself if he thinks that they're going to pay for it. And they wisely pointed out that if he starts a trade war and puts tariffs on Mexican goods to pay for his wall, it could trigger a major worldwide depression. Mexico exports a lot of food to this country, and I eat a lot of it. Right now, I'm eating Mexican watermelons, asparagus, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes. Is Trump going to put a tariff on Mexican produce? It won't affect me. I'll just pay the higher price. But, there are plenty of struggling families who may not be able to eat as healthily. And what about the Mexicans? They've got planes. They can fly their produce anywhere in the world, and there are lots of cold places that can't grow that stuff most of the year. It would be an awful thing if Trump rocked that boat because we've got it good. They're growing all this nice food down there, getting it to us fresh, and selling it to us cheap. Why would you want to disturb that arrangement? That would be a catastrophe- for us. 

But, that doesn't get to the root of it either. Why WHY WHY does the establishment and the media hate Donald Trump so much?

What scares them shitless is his penchant for truth movements. That's right: truth movements. I'm not going to use that other derogatory term because I don't like it. So, what I am referring to? Well, for one, there was the birther movement. And it is ridiculous to think that Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate is valid. Anyone can get a birth certificate from the state in which they were born. As an adult, I got one from the state of New York. They charge you a nominal fee; you pay it; and then they send it to you. So, if Obama was really born in Hawaii, why did he wait 6 years before producing the birth certificate? Well, it's because he had to produce it alright-from scratch.  

Trump was a leading birther. And then he became cozy with Obama's half- brother, Malik. And what do you think Malik is telling Donald? He's telling him that that Hawaiian birth certificate is fake. And even though, Obama is done, and his administrations can't undone, it would still be very bad for him and the establishment if the truth about this became common knowledge. 

But, much more concerning than that to the Establishment is the way Trump has flirted with 9/11 truth. Here he is in 2001 talking about the likelihood that there were bombs in the Twin Towers which brought them down:

What about JFK truth? Trump was certainly willing to make the most out of Rafael Cruz' connection to Oswald. There is a ton on Youtube about it:

Trump really went to town on that.  He played that card again and again. And recall what happened. Shortly after that, Ted Cruz dropped out. Trump forced Cruz out of the race by hammering the claim that his father had a connection to Lee Harvey Oswald. 

The reason why the Establishment hates and is scared shitless of Trump is because of his penchant for truth movements. That is the top thing. 

And, the truth movements are going to win- with or without Trump's help. All State lies eventually collapse. It was true of Nazi Germany. It was true of the Soviet Union. And it will be true of the USA. That Oswald was innocent and standing in the doorway of the Book Depository during the slaughter of Kennedy is going to become universally known. They've got paid Ops fighting it, committing crimes, traveling to Texas to harass me, but they're powerless. They can't stop this. The truth, the evil heaped upon evil, will be exposed. The bloodied will be exposed. And it's high time. 

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